San Diego Union-Tribune: ‘inspired, fun’ Apple iPod ‘in a class by itself’

“The iPod is in a class by itself. Not only is the device inspired, the software it uses makes it easy to add and update music. In many ways, the iPod is the epitome of what good technology should be: easy to use and awfully fun,” Suzanne Choney writes for The San Diego Union-Tribune.

“It is also one of the most personal gadgets in the personal-technology universe… while iPods may look alike, each holds a key to its owner’s personality. In a country replete with strip malls, tract houses and big-box retailers, the iPod represents individuality. No two iPod owners will have the same music on their devices,” Choney writes. “Being able to carry your entire music collection on this one device, no matter where you go, makes 12-CD players in cars seem very 20th century.”

Full article here.


  1. “It is also one of the most personal gadgets in the personal-technology universe…” Stupid techno filler. By the same logic my lap top is even more personal . . . everyone’s pda is one of the most person gadgets . . . my cell phone, no two people will have the same phone numbers

  2. come onto my favorite news site to see news posted from the news paper i work for. trip out.

    oh yeah, love for the iPod.

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  3. hmmmm….has apple become an ipod only company…the only news from or about apple is ipod, ipod, ipod….

    where�s the news about the great NEW apple computers?
    where�s the dual 3Ghz G5s?

  4. I’m very chilled. Doesn’t mean I can’t point out bad journalism.
    “One’s taste in music IS a very personal thing”
    Of course it is!!! That’s why her comment is stupid.
    I don’t why MDN chose to quote this.

  5. One way to look at the music concentration at the moment is getting the Apple name out into the mainststream. Regular people are looking at Apple and seeing that its products are well made and easy to use. With all the income made from music products other product lines should get better. More money for R&D. The G5 chips will pretty much sell themselves.

  6. The object is the dominance of Quicktime over wma and keeping it like that. I refuse to capitalize wma or give any value to microsoft. Good Heavens!!! It feels good to be microsoft free!!!!!!!!!!

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