IDC: Pepsi iTunes promo ‘Apple stands to benefit greatly and carry its momentum forward’

“IDC has released initial analysis pertaining to the US Apple/Pepsi link-up, in which lucky soft drink consumers are winning free tracks from iTunes Music Store,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK. “The report


  1. I got one winner in lake in the Hills, IL. However the code would not work on the iTunes web site. I tried all sorts of varations. “B” instead of an “8”, etc. I need to send the cap to Apple. PITA. (Pain in the ###)

  2. Me too! 3 winners for 3 bottles. I also had trouble entering the code in iTunes, so I called the Customer Service number on the tops of the cap. The kicker is they say, “Thank you for calling Pepsi,” not “Thank you for calling Apple (or iTunes).”

  3. “It agrees that if users use and choose iTunes then they will be more likely to buy Apple’s music player in preference to competing products. “

    More likely? I don’t think they would have a choice.

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