British Academy Awards host Stephen Fry on glitch: ‘should have used a Mac, PCs are useless’

“It was Peter Jackson’s turn to smile like a particularly satiated cat that had just scoffed all the cream last night, as Return of the King received a total of four awards at this year’s British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) ceremony, including the evening’s star prize: the award for Best Film,” Empire Online reports. “Stephen Fry once more hosted the increasingly star-studded event, ensuring a silky smooth running for the proceedings with his unique brand of camp British humour.”

“All in all the ceremony looked to be running without a hitch until sod’s law intervened and a monitor malfunction caused the show to be halted for five minutes while the main screen was repaired. ‘They should have used a Mac,’ commented Fry after trying valiantly to entertain the restless audience with a well-told joke, ‘PCs are useless.’ Luckily though, the technical difficulties were overcome and, thanks to the BBC’s tardy two-hour delay in broadcasting the event, none but those present will ever know about it,” Empire Online reports.

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  1. Stephen Fry is very vocal about liking the Mac, and makes sure that if he has to use a computer on screen, it’s his 17inch PowerBook. I thought his recent BBC2 comedy about the public relations firm was complete genius. Very funny man.

  2. I was confused by Coupling. As far as I could tell it was Friends remade with a bit of blokes are from mars, birds are from venus to make it work a little better (‘she wants me to have an opinion of soft furnishings’). How they manage to sell this back to the US is beyond me.

  3. Saw him on Graham Norton. He gave Graham crap about using a PC for one of his many web search bits. He went on about PCs being rubish and told Graham he should switch. It’s great when Graham acts uncomfortable.

  4. I detest Graham Norton’s show. The man’s just on way to much, he laughs at his own repeated snide jokes and doesn’t actually seem very interested in his guests.

    Still. Had I known Fry was going to be on, I’d have definitely watched it.

  5. True about Graham Norton. He’s just too full of himself these days, and just wheels out the same old guests again and again. Shame, he used to be quite funny.

    Channel 4 seem to know this too. Have you noticed his show is getting later in the schedules?

  6. Fry is obviously a man who chooses to walk a different path to his contemporaries.

    His portrayal of a Machiavellian PR guru in Absolute Power is easily his best work since his Jeeves in LWT’s Jeeves and Wooster.

    Also, any man who so publicly ridicules Windows whilst embracing God’s Chosen Computer� is alright in my book.

  7. David H

    I wouldn’t bank on Channel 4 noticing much about their dreary schedules these days. Norton was probably only moved to make way for more porn.

    Er, I mean ‘incisive investigations into how some housewives are driven into lap-dancing to make ends meet.’

    (Or rather not . . .you know, ‘making ends meet,’ that is. Because of the whole ‘look, don’t touch…’ er…

    Oh, forget it…)

    Brother Mugga

  8. Regarding, “Ask Jeeves and he advises you to buy a Mac ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />”

    What exactly did you ask Ask Jeeves to make the site say “buy a Mac”?

    I like that kind of stuff, like typing “microsoft” into’s “look it up” field.

  9. Fry on Bill Gates: “He’s never written an inch of worthwhile computer code in his life. He’s a voracious businessman who has held back computing and its possibilities for years. This is a man who in 1993 said he saw no future in the internet. That’s how bloody smart he is.”

  10. tumok, this State-sider is thinking that One guy from Finland was referring to Fry’s having played a character named Jeeves (see MCCFR’s post). However, I did enjoy the little detour through’s look at m$. Pretty funny stuff there. I guess my office has been Borged!

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