Apple iPod mini big with athletes, women and youth market

“Apple Computer said on Tuesday it has received 100,000 orders for its iPod mini digital music player, which goes on sale on Friday at Apple’s retail outlets, its online store and through resellers. The maker of Macintosh computers also said that retailer Target this week will start selling $15 prepaid cards for Apple’s online music store alongside top-selling CDs and will set up featured display areas where consumers can play with iPods at its 1,200 stores in the United States,” Reuters reports. “The prepaid cards carry a code that users key in when they enter Apple’s online music store, iTunes.”

“The slender, smaller iPod mini — about the length and width of a business card, weighing 3.6 ounces and holding 1,000 songs — is Apple’s answer to cheaper but lower-capacity flash-memory-based digital music players,” Reuters reports. “‘iPod mini broadens the market for iPod by competing head-on with flash-based players,’ said Phil Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing for Cupertino, California-based Apple. ‘(The) iPod mini costs only about $50 more than a 256-MB flash-based player, yet it holds 16 times the music.'”

“‘What we’ve seen anecdotally is that the iPod mini has been very attractive to the youth market, for an athletic lifestyle, and women seem really to like the iPod mini as well,’ said Stan Ng, head of product marketing for iPod. ‘It’s been a great validation that iPod mini is expanding the market and iPod sales overall remain strong,'” Reuters reports.

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  1. I ordered one for my wife two days after they debuted. My wife has never been really excited about my 2G 10 gig model (I got with work), but she really likes these. It was supposed to be her Valentines present, but I told her it is on the way – left Taiwan yesterday; better late than never.


  2. they should have come out with the minis a few weeks ago… it would have been a great Valentine’s gift ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> at least there’s still labor day, ash wednesday, your wife’s/girlfriend’s/daughter’s/mom’s/aunt/grandmother’s birthday, graduation, halloween, christmas….

    no big loss i guess ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. And now maybe the naysayers will understand the point behind iPod mini!

    It works for people who�

    Don’t want to carry the bulk of an iPod maxi (Athletes)
    Are not stereotypical cliches from the pages of High Fidelity (Women)
    Haven’t yet built a library of more than a 1000 tunes to which they’ll listen regularly (Those below the age of 16)
    Need to have the latest, smallest neatest gizmo (Those below the age of 18)

    They either don’t need the larger unit, in which case they won’t pay $299, or they don’t want the larger unit, in which case they won’t pay $299.

    In the words of Basil Fawlty: please try to understand before one of us dies!

  4. Spock “Absolutely amazing, for 50 more credits they could get so much more capacity “

    Bones “But look at the pretty colors, Spock”

    Spock “It’s illogical”

    Bones “Why you green blooded….”

    Kirk “You two get a hotel room ok?”

    The Mac Team

  5. i’m probably going to feel bad for helping to make the pink mini a stereotype with women. i don’t care i luv it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    mini skirt is not in right now. have you looked outside? i have no wish to freeze my poor self.

  6. Yep.

    Just as I said yesterday to those trying to make the argument that the Mini was the same product as the larger models with the “SAME” demographic…

    This one appeals to those who want something smaller and lighter. People on-the-go, active, concerned with portability. The capacity for folks in this market is much less important than it is to those who prefer the high storage capacity of the larger model. This is why the “For $50.00 more you can get the 15gb”, is such a stupid argument to make to anyone “seriously” interested in the Mini.

  7. I wish that a real athlete would review the iPod Mini. I would choose it over the full-size iPod for jogging but only because of the smaller size. What I want to know is if the playback would skip or pause due to bumping and if the aluminium body would tolerate human sweat.

  8. “Spock “Absolutely amazing, for 50 more credits they could get so much more capacity “

    Bones “But look at the pretty colors, Spock”

    These kind of utterly CLUELESS comments really make me question my long held belief that Mac users are more intelligent than the average computer user.

    Is the color option the only difference you can see between the two products?

    Just be thankful that Apple has a true grasp on the market realities that their iPOD product line is competing in and doesn’t waste its time listening to the mindless caterwauling of the “Gigs is everything” crowd.

    FYI: Its called MARKET EXPANSION, bonehead!

  9. R.V.: … actually color option would do good for the bigger iPods as well .. I think …. well maybe we see it in the next generation .. also in anodized aluminium ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> …

    i love my iPod

  10. “Ipod mini, the ipod for Women and kids”

    “competing head on with flash players buy offering a HD player for $50 more”

    I dont know, but Apple sounds like they got it wrong on this one.

  11. I can’t take the idiocy of this place anymore.

    The Mini was announced on the 6th of January. Over 100k units sold sight unseen and you morons say Apple missed it with this one?

    I think its time to find a forum with some intelligent posters. This place has been taken over by complete morons.

  12. man: “This iPod stores 40 gigabytes, works as a Firewire drive, and I can boot the OS from it, store 7000 songs, and can use it to transport digital movies from work to home.”

    woman: “Ohhhh, I like the red one.”

    iPod mini, the iPod for chicks.

    Suspicion: R.V. has a vagina.

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