Mercury News: Apple iPod mini ‘probably as close to perfection in dimension as possible’

“The best portable hard-disk players, no contest, are Apple’s iPod line. The regular iPods are already svelte; about the size of a pack of playing cards and weighing only six ounces,” Mike Langberg reports for The Mercury News.

Langberg reports, “On Jan. 6, Apple founder and Chief Crowd Hypnosis Officer Steve Jobs whipped the crowd at the annual Macworld convention in San Francisco to a state of near-frenzy by unveiling the even slimmer Mini (, with a 4-gigabyte drive able to accommodate about 100 CDs worth of songs. The Mini is due in stores later this week, most likely Friday. Apple lent me a Mini last week and I couldn’t help being seduced.”

Langberg reports, “When it comes to personal tech gadgets, they can never be too small or too thin. The Mini is probably as close to perfection in dimension as possible with today’s crop of miniature hard drives. My only big complaint with the Mini is the price.”

“Apple’s 15-gigabyte iPod sells for $299, offering almost four times the capacity for just $50 more; the 20-gigabyte model is $399 and a 40-gigabyte model is $499. My digital music library is now 8 gigabytes, so it wouldn’t fit in the Mini. But it would fit in the 15-gigabyte model with lots of room to grow,” Langberg reports. “Competitors are pushing the price barrier even harder. The 15-gigabyte Dell Digital Music Player, for example, was on sale last week at $224, down from the regular $249. Creative Labs sells its 30-gigabyte Nomad Zen Extra for about $250.”

Langberg reports, “This cools my love-at-first-sight reaction to the Mini. I don’t yet own a portable hard-disk music player, although I’m seriously contemplating a purchase this year. But it won’t be the Mini; at the moment, I’m leaning toward the 15-gigabyte iPod.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Exactly, Mike. Exactly. You’re still ending up buying an Apple product. Congrats! The mini is going after high-end flash players, not el cheapo iPod knockoffs like Dell’s Digital Junkbox. The iPod mini pricing is dead on target and Langberg has just helped cement that fact a little bit more.

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  1. You know what’s funny about this? No matter what detraction they may put in the article regarding the price of the Mini, they still only mention the competitors in passing and STILL are going back to the iPods.

  2. The tech-related website Ars Technica has an excellent comparison of the iPod Mini and its targeted competitors, flash-based music players. Their conclusion? It’s well worth the price, and less expensive than some of its less-capable rivals. The media in general continue to make the mistake of comparing the Mini with the regular iPod.

  3. And I’d be willing to bet the price of an iPod mini that the larger iPod this guy is driven towards gives Apple the larger margin. So even if the mini is helping to drive people towards the bigger model, it’s still helping them make additional profit!

  4. Success is fleeting. Remember, folks, Apple’s achievements are only as good as the next bright idea. Resting on one�s laurels is an admission of defeat.

    To coin a phrase, Apple must remain �agile, mobile, and hostile�, �get �em when and where they least expect it�, and �show no mercy�.

    Sorry, I really gotta cut back on the caffeine, but I think ya catch my drift.

  5. Apple must remain �agile, mobile, and hostile�

    And that’s exactly what’s resulted in the mini. Apple could have made the mistake of thinking the iPod has reached perfection, but instead they looked at what values the market looks for. And with this kind of gadget size, usability and style are top of the list.

  6. Quote

    “Langberg reports, “On Jan. 6, Apple founder and Chief Crowd Hypnosis Officer Steve Jobs whipped the crowd at the annual Macworld convention in San Francisco to a state of near-frenzy by unveiling the even slimmer Mini….”

    1) I am more than a little tired of the RDF line and variations like this. Everyone else in the world with Mr. Jobs public speaking talents is called a “Brilliant Orator”, or possible an “Oscar Award Winner”. Steve is called, essentially, a Liar.

    2) As I recall, the crowd was in something less than a frenzy, as the dominant (albeit stupid) rumour at the time was that the device was going to be 100 bucks. Seems to me the crowd fell silent at the announcement of $249.


  7. Sounds like a congressional speech, �we must remain agile, mobile, and hostile�, … �a thousand points of light�, … �we’re getting the job done�, … �stay the course�

  8. Hmm. Apple announces that they are now filling the 100,000 pre-orders for the iPod mini. I guess there is a big difference for you and I want the iPod mini to cost (for our own selfish reasons) and what the market will bare. I guess a bunch of folks disagreed that the mini was over-priced, as many folks claimed (just as they did when the 1st Gen iPod was intro’d).

    So Apple does do market research after all? Jeeze. Everyone wants the best for next to nothing.

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