Apple San Fran construction site security guard: ‘loyalty among Mac users borders on the bizarre’

“Apple’s new store in San Francisco’s swanky Union Square shopping district won’t open for another couple of weeks, but it has already had problems with break-ins. Several people have tried to sneak onto the unfinished store’s construction site, security guards report. Not to steal anything, mind you, but to get a sneak peek at the interior. ‘I had to roust some people a couple of days ago,’ said one security guard, who declined to give his name. ‘They wanted pictures, but that’s not allowed. No way. Besides, (they had) no hard hats,'” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News.

“Like Apple’s other major stores, the new San Francisco store promises to be a house of Apple worship made of brushed steel, glass and light. The two-story store, clad in stone and silver steel panels, will have a grand, central skylight and a sparkling glass staircase for the ascent to Mac heaven. Security is tight at the construction site, which is fenced off from the throngs of tourists and shoppers milling about the busy intersection. Two guards are posted around the clock. All the workers have Apple badges, and no one is allowed onsite without one. A security guard said he’d already kicked out several people who’d sneaked onto the site to take pictures,” Kahney reports.

“‘There’s loyalty among Mac users that borders on the bizarre,’ he said. ‘I don’t know what they’re going to take pictures of. There’s nothing much in there yet.’ The guard said he’d even had to stop construction workers from taking pictures of their own work for their portfolios. He said one got quite upset. ‘I told him ‘I know it’s absurd, but that’s Apple’s mentality, not mine,” he said. ‘Apple acts like it’s the Pentagon,'” Kahney reports.

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  1. And here’s yet another article by Wired aimed at portraying Mac users as a bunch of moronic cultists. It would be interesting to see the ratio of factual Mac articles to Mac “cult” articles Wired publishes.

  2. Well if this “cult” has supported the creation of: OS X, iLife apps, FCP, Hypercard, Applescript, iPods, PowerPC technology, the GUI (okay, not created here), MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, and a general euphoric user experience….THEN SIGN ME UP!!!

  3. JadisOne:

    Yeah, when mutual respect and loyalty between consumer and manufacturer is considered bizarre then the world has truly regressed.

    “My name is Meat, and I use a Macintosh.” Gee, that has a nice ring to it.

    “Repent, purchase thou a Mac, and enter into the Promised Land.” Now that sounds divine.

  4. Meat and Jadis:

    Come on guys, you’ve got to admit it is a little weird.

    I really adore Apple, have done since 1987 and my first II !

    I know people who really like Sony – totally loyal, will invariably buy a Sony over anything else – but do they try to break into SonyCentres (a UK chain of Sony franchises) whilst they’re being [I]built[/I], not even fitted out, but [B]built[/B]?

    Ever so slightly disturbed if you ask me – a bit like a nerd’s version of breaking into the bedroom of the girl you have a crush on in college.

  5. Err, not as disturbing than people queueing over night for Windows 95! I mean come on, these guys are the ones that get excited over M$ products. How sick is that?

    Allthough yes, the people in question do need to get a life. So does Wired!

  6. Yes, SOME Mac users are like a bizarre cult–one based on positive things about their platform of choice. What it does for them that nothing else can. I’m a big Mac fan, and although I fall short of some of the over-the-top cult/zealot fans, I can see where they are coming from.

    Contrast this with Windows, which is incapable of inspiring and cults or zealots–except those based on something very different: fear and jealousy of that which is different. Nobody would join a “cult” of Windows fans based on “how great Windows is!”

    In other words, Mac zealots have VERY different motives from Windows zealots. That’s a REALLY good thing!

    Some would say that Mac OS inspires zeal for no reason, and that following the herd is the only rational choice. But there IS a reason behind people’s love of Macs. And those who haven’t switched have no way of understanding that.

  7. If I could buy a better computer than my Mac with a better OS than X, I would do it. Fact is, nothin’ in the PC world come close to my Mac with OS X. I make no excuses, make no arguments, and have given up on proselytizing.

  8. Meat:

    If you ever got to meet me, you’d understand how I’d make a very unlikely cat-burglar.


    But at least with the Win95 incident, the stores were due to open and they had stock on the shelves.

    Don’t get me wrong: I understand the obsessive behaviour of those who worship at the Church of Appleology; My little ritual is whenever I open a new Mac up for someone (either customer or friend) to dig out the stickers for them as a priority.

    I just think we’re all a little odd, but maybe that’s the price we pay for making an individual choice in a homogenised world.

  9. It’s those photographers who want to sell the first pictures of the Apple Store and of course microsoft has a hand in it somewhere.

    I remember getting my photograph taken while waiting in the Apple Store line by hundreds of photographers, yet seeing none online.

    So somewhere deep in the bowels of Redmond, some analist is wondering why they can’t convince me to use a PC.

    The Mac Team

  10. You can hardly call loyal Mac users CULTISH. I call it appreciation of and for quality. Something the average Windows user would know nothing about.

    The only CULT like behavior I have seen among computer users are the legions of lemmings that continue to use Windows after years and years of virus infections, unstable performance, user unfriendly installation/uninstall wizards, security glitches and last but not least… the never ending parade of patches.

    Just like the blind followers of the infamous Jim Jones… Even though they know it is the worst thing they could possibly do to their lives, they drink the Kool Aid anyway and die a virtual death of productivity right along side all the other sheep.

    To see some of these same blind followers of Wintel having the gall to point a finger at Mac users is a classic case of indefensible hypocrisy.

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