Paris looks to dump Windows PCs in favor of open-source; why not consider Macs?

“Systems integrator Unilog is set to carry out a feasibility study on the installation of open-source software systems for the city of Paris, the company has said. On the strength of an earlier Unilog study, Munich agreed to migrate thousands of desktops from Windows to the open-source operating system Linux,” Christophe Guillemin and Matthew Broersma report for CNET

Guillemin and Broersma report, “The three-month study will review the 17,000 PCs used by the French capital’s administration, including 400 servers and 600 applications, and it was awarded to Unilog as a direct result of the Munich study, the company said. In May of last year, Munich decided to equip 14,000 workstations with SuSE Linux-based systems, a move seen as a significant win for the open-source camp. Linux is highly popular on servers, but does not yet challenge Microsoft’s dominance of the desktop.”

“‘Unilog has proven that its recommendations took into account the technological, economic, qualitative and strategic priorities of the customer,’ Unilog said. ‘As an independent company, Unilog can guarantee a completely neutral evaluation,'” Guillemin and Broersma report.

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MacDailyNews Take: A look at Unilog’s website shows pretty clearly that Mac OS X, Apple Xserve, iMacs, eMacs, iBooks, PowerBooks and Mac OS X Server and other Apple solutions are not being considered. Emails to Unilog has so far gone unanswered. Why not consider Apple? Let’s see where Apple fits in with Unilog looking carefully at TCO, longetivity, Mac OS X, IT support, etc. If it’s too expensive, so be it. We’d bet Unilog, Paris, Munich and the world would be quite surprised if Apple were included in Unilog’s “comprehensive” evaluation.


  1. Won’t happen. These European cities are trying to become less dependant on a single vendor, which is why they are wanting to ditch MS. Linux is the only way they can achieve this.

  2. If there is a problem with deals like this it will be with APPLICATIONS. Most all of the specialized commercial software used by government and enterprise is being written for our favorite Mac rip-off, not OS X. Apple would do well to promote TrollTech’s QT which enables rapid cross-platform development of software. In fact, an outright purchase of TrollTech would be a smart move. Investing more time and dollars in the X11, DarWine and KDE on Mac projects would not hurt either.

  3. Just IT support costs coupled with iChat AV communication citywide on PowerPC CPUs would make Paris more ffeicient that chaining them to Suse/Intel/AMD.

    The reason it’ll never happen Dave, is because Paris’ consultant firm will not even consider the Apple solution. Paris could become a shining star – instead it will end up running Linux trying to act/work like Windows and failing even more miserably than Windows itself (if that’s possible).

  4. Keeping the junky and aging hardware that used to run Windows and now runs Linux reduces costs? As these machines are scheduled to be replaced as normal, simply buy a Mac instead. Mac OS X works well on Windows networks (when Windows works, that is) – so switch to Mac over time. IT costs will evaporate. The world would finally WAKE UP.

  5. The real reason is they want them and their kind to have jobs in 5 years time. If everyone switches to macs, you won’t need as many IT personnel and you won’t need some company doing feasibility studies, as everyone would be satisfied!

  6. They’re not going to want to ditch all their hardware. That’s why OS-X isn’t a real workable alternative. Though it should be possible to replace a large number of machines with macs when they need replacing. Most machines will be used to run the usual mail/word/excel/browser software. They can be replaced. Those that are running different software, well, if it’s available on Linux, it could easily be ported to OS-X, or they could just leave ’em running Linux.

    I would have no problem with running OS-X and Linux systems together. In fact, it makes sense. Diversity and all that.

  7. I looked at the website very quickly. I notice they do training. I wonder what on earth they train people to do? Do you think it could be the use of Linux and its programs?


    PS Please remember. Macs are not enterprise (or government) machines. They cost too much. They are closed. There is no software. Sigh

  8. Mark, even if Paris takes on Suse/Novell Linux, they are not locked into it because of the open source nature of Linux itself. You can make changes to Linux distros to suit your own needs. Add to that the fact that they can re-use their current hardware and buy new hardware from any vendor, and you’ve got the perfect high-volume OS for the public sector. Of course it won’t be anywhere near as integrated as OSX, and nowhere near as versatile, but who needs all that for a typing terminal in an office, especially when it means spending taxpayers money?

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