Australia’s ECU slashes support costs with Mac OS X vs. Windows

“When Edith Cowan University’s communications school switched to Mac OS X for its desktop and server hardware system support demands fell, according to its IT manager Steven Doyle,” Rodney Gedda reports for Computerworld. “The school, which has about 2500 students a year… each allocated 750MB of storage space, recently took delivery of 60 PowerMac G5 machines.”

Gedda reports, “Without being able to put a specific figure on the cost savings, Doyle said the centralised desktop management means the IT staff’s time is put to better use. ‘In our department we manage some 300 desktops with two full-time and one part-time employee,’ he said. ‘As a comparison, another department has about 500 Windows desktops and they employ 15 staff…'”

“Doyle is happy that the ‘Apple stack’ of hardware to applications won


  1. maybe apple hhardware being this good is bad for IT idiots cos as above…with apple hardware u dont hardly need a crowd of IT techs to support it, in other words they wud be out of a job…

  2. The way that the IT ‘professionals’ will read the story is that seven of them are out of work when they could have been fully employed if PCs were used.

    The way that the executives will read the story is that seven salaries have been saved.

    The story needs to be passed on to the executives, rather than the IT people.

  3. BigSMan, I have heard that very story directly from more that one IT tech’s mouth. Especially in this jobless economic “recovery” you can’t expect a person to wholeheartedly support corporate management in reducing IT staffing, especially when the IT techs have worked so hard for their M$ Windows certifications.

    The same reasoning explains why meaningful tax reform/simplification has not occurred. There is a big industry and a lot of lawyers and accountants associated with the current tax structure.

  4. OSX is now a far more Enterprise savy operating system. On a positive note this has caused some IT professionals to take notice and look at Apples solutions for consideration in mixed environments and cost of owbership.
    However its also been suggested a more stable environment could mean job losses. After all, maintaining a Windows network generally means all hands on deck and job security.

  5. It is from the enterprise field that Apple will pull it’s market share back to breathing room levels. iPods are great but once companies see just how good OS X is they will be more inclined to make the move to Mac, from servers down to iMacs.
    Don’t lose perspective here – Microsoft has virtually no market share left to conquer. They have been sustaining illegal business practices that the courts (most notably the Europeans right now, set to levy a multi billion dollar fine) are consistently ruling against, and their customers are subjected to an endless stream of virus attacks, worms, updates and patches. Apple however, has the best and least vunerable OS, the best hardware, and the most loyal customer base. It is highly doubtful that the current business trend will be sustained. Therefore, in the big picture it would be in the best interest of any business to make the switch.

  6. Ok, all good points. So the question is, how do we get the execs to realise this and fire the useless self-proclaimed “experts” from the IT department and replace the PCs with macs?

  7. You don’t have to look any farther than the adversarial tone of the posts here to get a clue as to ONE big reason why IT folks are are unlikely to switch and the exec’s less likely to take the matter seriously. Approach PC IT guys from an angle that DOESN’T threaten them, doesn’t attack them. The more widespread OSX in the enterprise the more need for Unix guys, etc. There CAN be jobs and change if we actually try … which we rarely do. Save your ire for Gates’ business practices.

  8. edu, I doubt any IT guys would be found dead visiting this site, so at least let us insult them a little.

    I will try harder in the field, but I rarely meet any corporate IT pricks that I can actually respect. They really do seem to be the dregs of society in my mind. Clueless, trend-following sheep with a horizon about as narrow as their bum-cleavage.

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