Howard Dean campaign to use Apple “Switch” ad format in Wisconsin primary

The Howard Dean campaign is asking visitors to the Howard Dean website to vote for their favorite of three ads that are based upon the format of Apple’s old “Switch” television ads.

The ads were independently created, directed, and produced by grassroots Dean supporters.

The ads can be viewed online with QuickTime, RealPlayer, or Windows Media here.


  1. That’s about as original as the Dems can get, I guess. Endlessly promoting class warfare and lying about GW’s record is supposed to get them elected? I think I’ll stick with the experienced man already in the Oval Office. I trust him the most.

    Why the long face, Kerry? <smirk>

  2. Howard’s campaign is running in the wrong direction. Forget the “switch” ads. Just start advertising Bush’s record of lying and coverups, followed by a clip of him talking about “restoring honor to the White House”. Ha!

  3. Bleah! The background should be RED that best represents his bloody personality! YYYYAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!

    That’ll work with that scream of his.

    His personality was his fate. “L” is on my forehead for him.

  4. It seems that Dr. Dean still generates the most interest, and the most fear and loathing, from gopper chimp_junta fans.

    He still generates headlines that, by lexus-nexus standards, are about 3 or 4 to one greater than bush_lite Kerry.

    I think you guys should still be scared. When I stop seeing all the right wing-nut fish-wrappers stop talking about Dr. Dean and begin to focus on the ‘front runner,’ I will believe Dean’s candidacy is really over.

    Until then, wing-nuts keep looking over your shoulders….

  5. As a Vermonter, I was originally turned off by Howard’s newly found over enthusiasm he displayed on the campaign trail. Dean was Governor here for 8 years, and Lietentant Gov. for another 6 years before that and NEVER once did I see him raise his voice above a monotone whisper.

    I think his Screaming Rant in Iowa really killed it for him, which is sad, because I think he was on the right track for being a ‘better’ president.
    I’m a Republi-independant and I didn’t vote for Bush in ’00 and it looks like I will end up voting for him in ’04, because Kerry, is so very….. (like that skin creme ad) … status quo.

  6. Try to stay current Dicky, the internet fish wraps kissed him off a week ago, and it is just as well. The doctor in the White House would have made the peanut farmer look like an effective statesman.

  7. Class warfare? Oh sorry…we really should keep quiet while Bush and his cronies get richer and richer while hard working people lose their jobs.
    And we *really* shouldn’t mention going to war under false pretenses any more than we should complain about Bush blaming others for “bad intelligence.”
    We really shouldn’t quote Truman, who said, “the buck stops here,” because
    Truman was a democrat, and a president who used awesome force only when
    absolutely necessary… <smirk-double-smirk>

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