Apple releases iChat AV 2.1 Public Beta; compatible with AIM 5.5 for Windows

Apple has released iChat AV 2.1 Public Beta which supports videoconferencing with the new AOL Instant Messenger 5.5 for Windows. This means you now have immediate access to the millions of people in both the Mac and PC communities.

Reach more of your friends and family than ever. iChat AV 2.1 Public Beta lets you conference with both the Mac and PC users in your life. Who will you chat with? Perhaps you will read bedtime stories to your grandchildren without concern for long distance charges. Or check in with home base from a hotel when you


  1. I think what they are saying is that the iChat software w/ a firewire cam (or iSight) on the Mac will interface with the AOL software and their cams.

    Not that iSights will work on PC’s. iSights are pricey for PC people, I find it unlikely that Apple will sell these to them. The mounting hardware wouldn’t work either. PC’s don’t support firewire, need a adapter.


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  2. PC users would need a webcam that works with their machines. I will try and find it, but there was a recent article in one of the mag’s that did a “review” the different camera’s.
    This is really great news but I would like to see them offer a list of “suggested” cameras that work well with it and they have tested. I also think AOL is missing the boat not offering one. They should have made a deal with a vendor and sold them.

  3. iSight’s do work with PC’s, if you most know. Why not sell them to PC users. It’s yet another Apple product to sell and get consumers and business used to buying the Apple brand.

  4. I really believe Apple plans to sell iSights to the wintel world. They’ll sell hardware to anyone. Now with there newfound partnership with AOL, they can make it compatable and it’s sure to happen. For me, for now, I’ll be satisfied with the audio chat compatability.

  5. I predict that the newest, upcoming monitors from Apple will have a video-camera built-in. If they don’t, they’re fools for missing the chance. C’mon – Double-sided ticky tape to hold a camera doesn’t cut it any more.

    Now, it’s time for the next step – Now that Quicktime is being built into so very many new portable cellular camera-phones, I predict that we’ll be able to do the Dick Tracy wrist-phone thing in the next year or so, doing live video-chat wherever we are, chatting with home computer users and others with similar 3G phones. That’s a snappy idea, isn’t it?

  6. b:

    I can’t tell whether you think this is a good idea or not – but my opinion is: ‘why the hell not?’!

    If we can’t get guys like Joe to shell out for a proper system (despite the fact that he obviously suffers from Mac envy, otherwise why hang around here?), let’s at least get some of them to shell out for a well engineered camera.

    Actually, sell em an iSight, an iPod and an iPod mini and we probably get more profit out of them than the sadass PC manufacturer that made their system.

  7. SSprite… it was my first and only suggestion to her, but we live in seperate cities…. one of her well meaning friends helped her shop for it… “I got a great deal!” , and since it is a recent purchase, one she’ll have to live with for a while. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know if she has firewire…

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