AP: Apple’s iLife ‘04 ‘could even persuade some longtime Windows users to relent and buy a Mac’

“A lot of high-tech companies strive to be the hub of a digital lifestyle, but unless they’re pushing an expensive Media Center PC they mostly leave it to consumers to figure out how to make their products work with others,” Matthew Fordahl reports for The Associated Press. “Macintosh computer owners don’t face that headache.”

“Apple’s updated iLife ’04 suite of five programs lets you organize photos, play and buy songs, edit movies, burn DVDs and, now, create music. The programs all work well together and the suite costs just $49, unless you’re buying a new Mac. Then it’s free. And except for iTunes, these programs don’t do Windows,” Fordahl reports. “For me, the suite would be a bargain even at twice the price. How much would all this cost if bought separately?”

“In the Windows world, a very good DVD burning program, Sonic’s MyDVD 5, starts at $50. Adobe Systems Inc.’s photo organizing program, Adobe Photoshop Album, is another $50. Music mixer Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 is $129. iLife is a great deal, not to mention a convincing argument for the digital lifestyle. And from a company with a reputation for premium prices, it’s a refreshing bargain,” Fordahl reports. “It could even persuade some longtime Windows users to relent


  1. In the majority of “mainstream” articles outside of the “Mac Web” discussing Apple, there is at least an underlying tone of negativity toward Apple or the Mac. Sometimes it’s even very blatant — Thurrott, Enderle, Dvorak, etc. Where does this tone come from? Why does it exist? What is their problem? I believe MDN and SteveJack are onto something here.

  2. Another wrinkle for all the “PCs are cheaper” arguments. Build a similarly equiped Dell, and add about $229 for iDVD, iMovie and Garageband. How much more for iMovie? The analysts were all complaining that the iMac is more than $800. If we discounted the iMac by the cost of the PC equivalent of iLife, I think it is in pretty good shape.

  3. MDN sounds shrill on this one. I think relent is the right word to describe the mindset of wintel users who have immense workplace pressure to conform. Spiraling out on “relent” weakens your credibility when you critique other writers whose bias needs to be disclosed.

  4. We have changed the “MacDailyNews Take” after reading the comments above. We read Fordahl’s article again and realized our focus on the writer was off the mark. We were wrong and “john,” “Yeah…,” and “reilly” were right. Thank you.

  5. I modern parlage to relent also means to give in.
    Which i what he means here.
    Sometimes i think to take one word and break it down, is the wrong approach when the meaning is prettu clear from the contents.

    On another note i have a Complete Wintel Weenie in my office setting up the copmpanys new Xeon/Windows Server 2003. (Which last week mystiruouly lost 90% of our date, and of course hadn’t backed up as it was supposed to, because some other weenie had remote accessed it and shut down the sql server that the back up ran off)

  6. I once suggested to Mac Observer that instead of these death knells they have they could do a Apple Awards Wall. A page where would be all the awards that Apple has got during the last 27 years also there could be all the technology that Apple has introduced. It would be a good page, because you could say to wintel people that go there if you want to know more about a good computer and computer experience done right. They haven’t done it yet neither has Apple. Could this be joint venture for MDN and other Mac sites.
    That would help positive thinking?

  7. I see nothing wrong with the usage.
    Even using your Mac’s own Sherlock Dictionary nets you…

    v : give in, as to influence or pressure [syn: yield, soften] [ant: stand]
    Source: WordNet � 1.6, � 1997 Princeton University

    MDN, buy a better dictionary. A professional “author” should use something better than an abridged paperback dictionary found in the dumpster at the local high school.

    …or just use your Mac!!!!

  8. Finland, great idea. I would love to point people to one site where they could see all the good stuff. Someone told me yesterday that they had ordered a Dell. I told them it was too bad they hadn’t gotten a Mac. “It’s too difficult to transfer everything.” was the response. I started a rant and ended it quickly enough that the point was made and friendship kept. People need to be able to have a simple site with the high points.

  9. Does his “IT friend” have Stockholm Syndrome? On a subconcious level, maybe he fears that a conversion to Macs would make him obsolete. Instead of a busy, superhero rescuing poor Windoze users from chronic crises he would have little to do. He might even get fired. Stick with Windoze and reap the pat-on-the-back rewards for heroic feats of endurance.

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