RUMOR: Apple’s version of the Bose Wave Radio on the way?

“Rumors that Apple plans to enter the home-appliance market are some of the most recent whispers to come out of Cupertino, California, sources recently told AppleInsider. The company will reportedly attempt to repeat the success it had when entered the existing portable digital music player market, only this time with a consumer appliance “done the right way.” Also, like the iPod, the product is said to exist as its own entity and product, rather than an extension of the Macintosh platform,” AppleInsider reports.

Apple’s version of the Bose Wave Radio? Certainly, Apple would not dare to compete with the likes of Miele on the vacuum cleaner front as there’s no way to improve on a Miele. Any ideas about which “consumer appliance” Apple can “do the right way?”

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  1. I love Apple but Bose is the sh*t. I own the lifestyle 50 hooked up to a amp and a pair gemi and is the best home system on the planet!!!!!! only one question …will bose fabricate the device, if not let it go apple!!!!! to my exp.. bose is better than jbl, harmon k, sony ETC…..

  2. You’ve probably heard this before, but a Tivo replacement would be feasible. Steve has mocked the media center PC, but because it was so all-inclusive.

    Tivo’s interface could use some help. iPhoto and iTunes could run on it (requiring .Mac interface, though). Perhaps iCal alarms could remind you to get off the couch.

    But no games, and no other programs. Such things might interfere with its recording reliability.

  3. If Miele buys Apple?
    Or better.. Miele could display data on Mac with bluetooth? Like “want to here what I think about these socks?” (ie your wasching machine). I have analyzed food (ie inside the refigerator). “I am warning authorities…”
    I dont’t know if I want my Miele to work like this after all?!

  4. well, I wouldn’t say Tivo exactly. You have to understand the existing infrastructure that exsists for a Tivo service to work and work well. That is a whole lot of money to shell out for a piece of a market that is already somewhat dominated by Tivo. As opposed to the ipod, where there was no clear cut product leader, and no infrastructure needs.

    However, I do say, the ibox can wholly exsist with every other function. iTunes (and iTunes sharing and music purchasing), iPhoto (and iPhoto sharing from other puters on a local network), DVD player/burner, and of course video in and out. This provides functionality that exists on all levels. Gonna use it as a network radio? No problem and no tv required. Just pick songs with the ipod sized lcd display built it. Want to use it as a jukebox and have the iTunes visualizer play on your TV? I do. And finally, the way to use it with your Tivo, use it to burn shows to DVD that you want to keep. Perhaps they can even figure a way to stream the already encoded mpeg 2 stream from the tivo through the usb port to an internal drive on the ibox. Of course, this would have been much better had Tivo built in a Firewire port.

  5. I’m sorry “Please”, but you have an extra “the” in your statement. It should read: I love Apple but Bose is sh*t. Acually It’s not that bad, but it’s way over priced. The quality of a Sony at a premium price. Apple is a premium product at a premium price. Anyway, my hope is for the iChat phone, but I don’t think that’s it.

  6. My prediction. Like TiVo, but will also rip the tunes you want right from its built-in satellite radio receiver. You tell it what you want, it finds it and records it in AAC/Fairplay, ready to sync with your iPod/computer with all song info attached. Ditto for multiple TV tuners (a huge TiVo oversight to make this available only for satellite users). Programmable through the internet, will also play iDVD, iMovie, iTunes, and iPhoto direct from computer with Airport. No plasma screens…Gateway’s BTW are less than full HD, I think, although better than regular TV. But, Apple 30 inch LCDs are coming.

  7. It is just Apple creating a intercommunications standard between devices. making Rendezvous more ubiquitous. Just plug in a Rendezvous compliant appliance and you can monitor it and control it from any OS X PC in the house or over the Internet via you Airport dial in. Apple will probably be partnering with major Appliance makers and not developing it themselves.

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