Apple take number one spot in US & Canada ‘Brand of the Year’ survey

“Apple finally inched past American cheap-chic retailer Target for the first time to claim the number one spot for US and Canadian brands,” reports.

“First place winner in 2002 and 2001 for US & Canada brands, Target dropped down to second place followed by Google, American coffee retailer Starbucks and American donut maker Krispy Kreme topping out the first five rankings,’ reports. “Two new entrants in the top ten for US & Canada are animation studio and now-former Disney collaborator Pixar in eighth (Disney ranked 18th), up from 31st in 2002, and online auctioneers eBay in tenth position up from 13th in 2002.”

Full article here. US and Canada Top Brands Chart here.


  1. That’s because they didn’t sample. It’s a “Reader’s Choice” survey available to readers with an Internet connection and makes no claims of being representative of all people in the respective regions. So, given that, numbers aren’t an issue.

    On the other hand, if they WERE trying to conduct a more scientific, representative survey, 1900 respondents would still not have been a problem. A lot of market research gets by on interviewing far less than that many people — otherwise, it’d cost too much to do the research.

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