‘Jaguar’ users need not apply; Safari 1.2 requires Mac OS X 10.3 ‘Panther’

“Looking to improve its standing in the browser marketplace, Apple Computer has launched an upgrade to its Safari platform, albeit with a definite need to upgrade to the Panther operating system,” Michael Singer reports for InternetNews. “The application lets end users opt for a personal certificate, generated by a certificate authority, instead of a password to securely authenticate to supported Web sites.”

“The newest version also includes Apple’s LiveConnect support for communication between JavaScript and Java, which impacts Web sites that that require two-way communication between the browser and Java applets. Using LiveConnect also requires an upgrade to Java 1.4.2, which is a free download,” Singer reports. “Based on the KDE Project’s KHTML code, Safari version 1.2 is available as a free download on the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer maker’s Web site or through Apple’s Software Update service. The most notable improvements include the addition of Apple’s Keychain technology.”

“Apple also released version 124 of its Safari Web kit. The update lets developers put the Safari rendering engine in their applications. The upside is that Safari in general includes built-in Google search; SnapBack to instantly return to search results; a completely new way to name, organize and present bookmarks; tabbed browsing; and automatic “pop-up” ad blocking. Safari is localized for English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Korean and Simplified Chinese. The company maintains that its browser is faster than Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla’s Camino,” Singer reports.

“The downside is that Safari 1.2 requires Mac OS X v10.3 (also known as “Panther”), which orphans users running even the most recent version of OS X v10.2x (known as Jaguar),” Singer reports.

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  1. Dumbass, errr, “ali mac,” 10.2 users can’t run 1.2, they get 1.1. That’s why Apple states clearly, “Safari 1.2: System Requirements � Mac OS X 10.3 or later” and shuffles off the Jag and earlier users to the old Safari 1.1 version.

  2. Big deal. Apple doesn’t need to pull an MS and support legacy software for eternity. I realize 10.2 isn’t that far removed, but I’d rather see them spend money on making things work the best with the best OS they have. Apple’s philosophy of “our way or no way” worked well for iTMS and is also a good solution for software enhancement/development.

    Really, Panther is only $130. Every person here has wasted more than that much money on useless disposable shit since Panther was released.

  3. If people want cheap crap, they can always switch to Windows. If they want an OS that is continually improved and upgraded like OS X, then they’ll have to pay to play. It’s as simple as that. The whiners can go buy a $399 Dell piece of junk and see if they’re happy then by not having to upgrade so often…

  4. Not supporting Jaguar users with bug fixes and compatibility fixes for Java and CSS2 standards isn’t right. You could buy Jaguar in CompUSA or an Apple store less than a year ago. Leaving those users out in the cold is ridiculous.

  5. It’s a two-way push…

    Wanting to run the latest app means upgrading to PANTHER (which I have DONE and I LOVE it) and upgrading to Panther means you HAVE to upgrade certain apps.

    Well, this ain’t the old days where between OS8.0 and 9.1 everything pretty much ran forever. And I do miss that flexibility. And I do feel a bit crowded in from both sides.

    But all in all I realize that Apple is moving forward FAST, and doing great things, and I think if we want to hang on for the ride, we have to open our wallet a little more than we are used to.

    I’m cool with it.


  6. JR,JR,JR……
    on the other hand, perhaps APPlE should get it right in the first pace instead of sending out the continual stream of beta versions…..????
    PS Dell makes a $399 computer?

  7. Yeah, we’re not far from the day when Apple decides that the next system release only runs on this year’s hardware.

    I gave Apple the benefit of the doubt with the security fixes for Jaguar, and they delivered. But it’s clear now that they didn’t want to and only did so at the last minute because there was an uproar.

  8. Yeah, they make a box with a CPU, hard drive and some memory for $399. I’d rather not call it a real computer though, it will be obsolete before you can type your credit card number on their website.

  9. I agree, if you cheap skate whiners don’t like it, switch to Windows and see how happy you are then. Microsoft gives really good support on legacy versions of their OS. Ha!

  10. STFU and download Mozilla Firebird for free if you don’t want to pay for Panther and continued upgrades then. Damn, never seen such cheap ass whiney babies in my life as some of you are around here.

  11. “Really, Panther is only $130. Every person here has wasted more than that much money on useless disposable shit since Panther was released.”

    Rageous, I am convinced that you would buy iSnot if Steve put a wrapper on it.

  12. Joe McConnel wrote:

    “Rageous, I am convinced that you would buy iSnot if Steve put a wrapper on it.”

    And Joe, you know the cost of everything.. and the value of nothing.

    david vesey

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