Interbrand names Google, Apple top two ‘Global Brands of the Year’

“Google, the top Internet search engine which is expected by bankers to list its shares this year, gained a fillip on Tuesday as it was named Global Brand of the Year by consultants Interbrand for the second year running,” Trevor Datson reports for Reuters. “And while Apple Computer Inc. was once again pipped into second place in Interbrand’s Brandchannel ranking of high-impact brands, nostalgia-driven small car Mini zoomed up the list to third place from 11th.”

“It’s probably no coincidence that both Google and Apple — which topped the poll in 2001 and has occupied the number two slot since then — both appeal strongly to a tech-savvy segment that would figure strongly in any Internet poll,” Datson reports. “Perhaps more surprising is the strong showing by Mini, whose third place knocks U.S. soft drinks giant Coca-Cola — unquestionably the world’s most valuable brand — into fourth.”

Interbrand’s Top Ten brands: 1. Google, 2. Apple, 3. Mini, 4. Coca-Cola, 5. Samsung, 6. Ikea, 7. Nokia, 8. Nike, 9. Sony, 10. Starbucks .

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  1. That list looks about right. I’m surprised that Nike and Sony are that high. And if Starbucks makes the top ten, then why doesn’t McDonald’s? They’re essentially the same thing.

    The top 3 are right on.

  2. This is a list by British Bankers. That is way McDonald’s and Microsoft are not on the list; they never go to McDonald’s and they all hate Microsoft (see it as the cheap Apple-rip-off that it really is).

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