The Register: Pepsi iTunes ad ‘likely to go down in history as one of the greatest public relations

“Four children bullied by the Recording Industry Association of America will re-enact their shame for tens of millions of TV viewers today, at the behest of two giant American corporations: Apple Computer and Pepsi Cola Inc.,” Andrew Orlowski writes for The Register.

“Instead of using actors to dramatize their shame, the RIAA, Apple and Pepsi have forced the children themselves to conform with the copyright regime, and to look suitably browbeaten as a series of captions reads: INCRIMINATED


  1. Orlowski is just very, very, very, very anti-DRM. Read through his other articles, and he has nothing good to say about it. This isn’t as much him having a go at Apple, as the RIAA (again).

  2. Here we are, Apple is a doninant force in the music industry and behaves as a big brother. Sorry MDN, I think Andrew’s analysis is sad but realist. Apple will not think different anymore.

  3. The Register is worthless. Their writers are a cobbled together group of hack-level Wintel apologists and MS tools.

    The publication would make a great bird cage liner though! ;o)

  4. to be honest, the ad sucked, and I agree with The Register. I was screaming at the TV in disbelief as I was watching it. Apple screwed up BIG. You go out and ask 1000 superbowl viewers if they remember what Pepsi and Apple announced and you’ll hear a bunch of blank stares. Apple needed to throw in multiple 30 second spots with pepsi, and the spots had to be DEAD ON. The only hope for this promotion is for pepsi to start running print, radio, and tv ads like mad… and combine those with really FRIGGIN big signs at the grocery store.

  5. jeff: Apple didn’t air the ad. Note that the name ‘Apple’ wasn’t mentioned at all in the ad?

    Who really cares? This is just another ad for Pepsi. So frickin’ what.

  6. Get a life jerk. I know I heard somewhere that most of the fines were paid for these kids by friends and donations, etc. Actors in commercials get paid idiot.

    I have been seeing promotional materials in my local 7-11 for the past week. No bottles as of yet.

    The bears that bought the Pepsi should have been iPod owners. Rather than show them running off with the Pepsi, they should have shown them eating, drinking and counting caps.

  7. This is such a non story it’s not even funny. Who gives a crap, it’s Pepsi’s ass on the line here not Apple’s since IT WASN’T AN APPLE AD! It wasn’t that bad or that great either way anyhow, so I can’t figure out why there is such a fuss over it at all…

  8. I hate apple for this ad. I hate pepsi to start with, but the sheer f’n disturbing principle behind this makes sure I wont. Let’s see, we’ve bullied these kids into maybe losing their future, then use that lack of power to manipulate them into a commercial.

    It’s like something out of a horror movie. “Now tell everyone how wrong you were for copying music you cannot afford and that was being sold in violation of the antitrust laws.” Robot kid voice “I’m really sorry, I was wrong.” *Insert 40+ year old MTV exec* “Oh the kids will see through that, let’s rock’n’roll’itize it all hip. Yea. Well make them rebels by cow-towing with their tails between their legs and all the dumb ass teenagers won’t see through this slick sugar water snow-job and line up all happy and fluffy with their parents’ dollars in tow.”

    Hey apple, blow me you f’n 1984 hypocrites. Congratulations Steve. You’ve become a bad sugar water salesman. Right, your kids are too good for that poison, but f’ “the rest of us” *pleabs* is I’m sure what you had in mind, you obnoxious petty peddler.

  9. It might not have been an ‘apple ad’, but it was apple’s product front and center and the promotion has the potential of propelling iTMS to new height. Apple should have nixed the commercial and told pepsi to come up with another. Heck, with Job’s personality I’m suprised he didn’t force-feed pepsi an apple-made commercial. The fact that apple allowed pepsi to run that ad is why I said apple screwed up. Saying apple didn’t screw up because it was a pepsi ad is just splitting hairs.

  10. Let’s all sit back and see what happens. I’m sure in the negotiations that part of the deal was that it was going to be a Pepsi dominant ad from the get-go. How could Apple not agree to this deal, whether their logo showed up or not.
    The iPod ads will correspong with the Pepsi ads, I think.
    The kids are smarter than we think and let’s let the grapevine and teenage network do what it’s gonna do. I think we will all be surprised. Don’t know the advertising
    agency involved, but Chiat Day is known for subliminal ads
    and not stupid Dell-like ads.

  11. I don’t give a shit who came up with the ad, who paid for it or who was in it. All I know is there is a promo that started yesterday giving away 100 Million songs off of iTunes via Pepsi bottle caps. So I’ll be drinking Pepsi for the next 2 months to try and win some songs and then I’ll switch back to Coca-Cola. I don’t give a rats ass about the political correctness (or lack thereof) aspects of the TV ad one bit. EOL

  12. This commercial was designed to try to please everyone including the RIAA. Its not a great commercial but its far from being a total disaster. Apple is not the most prominant part of the ad but for some strange reason is receiving all the flack. I’m sure the promotion will still be a success especially with the kids who like to get free stuff.

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