Apple releases Safari 1.2

Apple has released Safari 1.2 which features improved compatibility with websites and web applications, support for personal certificate authentication, full keyboard access for navigation and the ability to resume interrupted downloads. It also works with Java 1.4.2 to support websites that use LiveConnect for communication between JavaScript and Java applets.

Safari 1.2 is available via Software Update or you can download the latest version of Safari (7.7 MB) here.


  1. jfbii, it’s funny you mention the “subscription model” of OS upgrades. Mr. Bill Gates, aka The Devil, has mentioned several times that he’s considering making Windows something that you must lease, not buy. Every year, you’d pony up $99 and you’d get all the software updates, bug fixes, etc. for “free”.

    If you stopped paying the $99 per year, your current version would cease to work.

    Compare that with Apple’s version. You review the benefits of the new OS upgrade. If you feel they are worth the price, you buy it and install it and use it for as long as you want. It will work forever on your current hardware.

    Sooner or later, they come up with some stuff and they decide (for either technical or business reasons) that it will no longer be supported on your machine. You have choices: Buy a new machine for that new software, keep your old machine and old software, or change platforms. Your choice.

    So Apple is not ripping you off. You don’t like their business model, and I understand that. But what you bought will continue to work just as it did the day you bought it. And the free stuff will work too. But upgrades sometimes cost money, and sometimes require newer hardware.

    I’ve used Mac OS since System 4, and Windows since…well since it came out. Believe me, you’ll have a whole lot more to bitch about if you decide to go to that camp.

  2. jfbiii, what is your real problem?? I upgraded to Panther and everything worked better and I lost zero software compatibility. Nothing has created a new hardware purchase for me. Panther even ressurected my Lombard 333 G3. However, I am Micro$in free on my computer, so that must explain the real problem.
    Obviously, especially with your language display, you are really angry about something much worse than this. Panther rocks my Macs and is a huge upgrade from Jaguar if you take time to spend a little effort to find out.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but you give me the impression of a troll in disguise.
    Maybe you can channel all that knowledge and anger and go apply for a job at Micro$in and help them improve their humongous multiple problems, real incompatibilities, and security issues. You could test their systems for them and if you explode in anger, maybe they will consider not releasing it to the public. I assure you there is alot more to be so angry at there than on the Mac platform. People should make the switch, but maybe you should make the switch back and relive the nightmare. Now quickly ducking upon submit!!

  3. Runs faster, but still doesn’t display TVGUIDE.COM properly.

    If this is hard, fine. But Explorer has no problem.

    What’s the deal? Can any of you brainiacs explain the problem to me?


    David Vesey

  4. If you don’t like it you have two other choices. Either use Mozilla/Firebird as your browser for free, or switch to Windows if you don’t like having to upgrade the OS once a year and see how happy you are then.

    Apple hasn’t “cut support” for Jaguar, they’re just not releasing a new version of Safari for Jaguar because 10.2 is outdated, that’s all. If they didn’t provide security updates for Jaguar that would be considered cutting support, but they still are so that’s not the case.

    It’s a simple case of getting what you pay for and if you’re not willing to pay for the current version of the OS, you’re not going to get all of the new apps. I don’t know why that is so hard for people to understand. Try it with Windows if you’re running 98 or ME and see what you get, that’s right, the same thing. Just because Windows only updates their OS every 4 years doesn’t mean Apple should be penalized for continuing to improve and innovate theirs on a yearly basis. Again, if you want the best, you better be willing to pay for it, the best isn’t going to be free.

  5. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination, but Safari 1.2 seems to be quicker than its predecessor. It loads pages fast. I like. And this is on a slot loading 500 MHZ iMac with a cable modem connection.

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