Apple releases Safari 1.2

Apple has released Safari 1.2 which features improved compatibility with websites and web applications, support for personal certificate authentication, full keyboard access for navigation and the ability to resume interrupted downloads. It also works with Java 1.4.2 to support websites that use LiveConnect for communication between JavaScript and Java applets.

Safari 1.2 is available via Software Update or you can download the latest version of Safari (7.7 MB) here.


  1. An Apple a DAY keeps the Creeps AWAY.
    Always the best, APPLE, and your always on TOP of it as always.

    Apple, you ARE the BEST. The REST . . . well keep dreaming . . .and crashing . . and screaming . . . and . . . .uhmmmm


  2. I updated to Panther at home. I like it, but with the peripheral issues I’ve had, plus an ongoing inability to use Outlook with Panther on several Macs in our office (basically the ones that have upgraded to Panther) I’m not ready to upgrade my main working machine.

    If they’re going to publish a free browser, then updates that fix css2 standards-compatibility issues should be available to system versions at least one or two iterations below the current one. I’m more than a little disgusted at this point. Just make everything NOT FREE instead of playing goddamn games. It’s pissing people off.

    I don’t need a new machine at home. At the rate these pricks are going, it’s going to be a long long time before my G4 500 becomes a G5. Probably until it can become a G6 or G7. I’ll eek along on lesser hardware and old software because I can’t afford to continually play keep-up with software. I don’t mind paying for major system upgrades that add really useful features. But if I have to spend $200+ just to keep my goddamn browser up to standards I’m not going to just buy a new computer on a whim. I’m going to sit on the old one as long as it’s practical. And since you don’t need much horsepower for web development, I’m sure my G4 will be useul for at least 2 if not 3 more years.

    F@cking ‘tard M$ wannabe gang$ta$

  3. Outlook. I feel sorry for you.

    Our office just upgraded to Outlook 2003 from 2000. I hear the screams of pain hourly. But I laugh because every scream I hear is about something that works flawlessly in Entourage. It’s fun being a rebel.

  4. jfbiii wrote: “But if I have to spend $200+ just to keep my goddamn browser up to standards I’m not going to just buy a new computer on a whim.”

    Where are you getting your $200+ figure? Panther is $129 and the browser is free. Only MS charges $200+ for upgrades. Troll.

  5. Cheeses, jfbii, so they give out a software (safari) for free, and they don’t make it compatible with old operating systems. What crooks!
    Jaguar is dead, except for beige G3s and Wallstreet Powerbooks. And given the superior performance, Panther is worth every penny.
    BTW, it’s the job of the application producer (i.e. Microsoft Corp.) to make their software (Outlook) compatible with the current operating system. It doesn’t work the other way round. So, go complain in Redmont. They have to come up with the bugfix.

  6. IMHO, the Panther upgrade was the best one I ever bought. Lots of new features, very very stable, resolved old issues, and runs well on both my G4 1.0Ghz iMac and my ancient Rev A 233Mhz iMac.

    I believe that the updates to Safari use some of the new functionality in Panther, so they didn’t retrofit it back to Jag or earlier. You could check the developer forums to find out for sure.

    As an aside, your old version of Safari will continue working just fine on Jag. I bet if you call Apple and complain that the new Safari won’t run on Jag, they will be happy to refund you the full price you paid for Safari. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    (He may be referring to $200 non-US dollars. This is an international forum)

  7. jfbiii unintentionally makes an important point… His (I assume no lady would use such language) G4-500 is several years old (3, 4?) …. and yet it still serves all his needs.

    My first string computer is an original flat screen iMac G4-800 that will probably serve me well for another year at least. Prior to switching to Macs 2 years ago, I upgraded my Windows computer every year or so in hopes that the next one would finally be stable etc etc….

    So… jfbiii…. your G4-500 Mac still meets your needs. You’ve forgotten – or have never known – the trauma of Windows ownership.

    What’s your real problem?

  8. Upgrading to Panther forced some peripheral and software upgrades. Minimal, but necessary. I expect that pattern to continue as developers jump to produce new drivers for every version of the OS. Why update a driver for free when you can just end of life support for a two year old peripheral?

    Entourage…I keep pushing for it but unfortunately my system administrator won’t go for it. My desk is dual platform and there’s a web workaround for the Panther adopters (necessitated by Avid upgrades). So it’s “unnecessary.”

    Egarc, if you’re happy paying for M$-style “upgrades” that fix standards-compatibility in “free” software based on open-source code, then by all means, revel in the happiness that brings you. Just because I don’t think that Steve Job’s shit don’t stink doesn’t mean I’m a troll, it just means I have brains enough to know when Apple is punishing the wrong set of users. They should be EOLing Classic to get those users onto OS X faster instead of abusing customers who have already ponied up for 3 system updates and can read the writing on the wall for this fall: ante up for “hundreds of new features” (actually “a few new features and many bug fixes”) with a new OS or you can forget getting any other bug fixes throughout the year for the rest of your software.

    Meanwhile, back in the stone age, those people who haven’t adopted OS X already aren’t all that anxious to jump into a new hardware purchase if it means having to subscribe to an OS in addition to buying or upgrading all their other software. So they continue to hang on. The subscription OS model SUCKS. I don’t need a new OS every year that I have to trouble shoot, that makes me upgrade a few pieces of software that I already liked and that worked well, that makes me replace even one cheap perfectly good third-party peripheral for compatibility reasons.

  9. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see an upgrade for Jag coming in the next week or so. Something I read said that at least one of the updates wouldn’t work with Jag but I’m not sure what it was.

  10. jfbiii, what exactly is it that you have that needs to be upgraded? I haven’t had to upgrade anything to go to Panther. Scanner, printer, both of which are over four years old, work just fine, as well as my tablet, bluetooth, and digital camera. Just curious.

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