Apple offers 10% off all iPods January 31 and February 1 only

Apple is offering 10% off on all iPod orders from the Apple Store. The offer is good on January 31 and February 1 only and applies to 15GB, 20GB, and 40GB models as well as select iPod accesories.

More info here.


  1. This move is traditional for Apple – when they are about to introduce new technology.

    Expect the new iPod in time for graduation gifts – 2004.

    I hope, I expect, I dream… that Apple will finally incorporate an integral microphone, voice recording and dictation software into the iPod product line.

  2. I just returned from my local retail store. I learned some additional information – the Retail stores have an extended range of products available at the 10% discount – virtually any product in the Music section of the store are included (with the exception of those nice BOSE noise-cancelling headphones.) Also, the retail sale has been extended through Monday 02/02/04.

    There is also the monthly “fire-sale” with plenty of great discounts. I saw one greedy guy grab all four Belkin 5-port USB hubs for $19.95 each.

  3. When Apple released Panther, they held a 10% sale off everything in the store. That was too good to pass up, so I got my Dual 2 Ghz G5, 23″ Cinema, 40 GB iPod and iSight. Saved over $600.

  4. did anybody notice that none of the white old big ipods are in the top 20 in the apple store?

    sure the ipod mini is on top, but does this mean that the mini is cannibalizing the old model’s market? hmmm, most people didn’t think this model would sell… looks like they were wrong… but at the expense of the older model… is this supposed to be good? or are the old ipods still selling well in other retail outlets?

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