Studios suitors ‘falling all over themselves’ to woo Steve Jobs’ Pixar

“Now that the studio behind the blockbuster ‘Finding Nemo’ has cut bait with Walt DisneyCo., Pixar Animation Inc. can expect to find itself at the center of a feeding frenzy. ‘There’s nothing closer to a sure thing,’ said one studio executive who expects to be lining up with other Hollywood rivals to court the remarkably successful Pixar,” Sallie Hofmeister and Meg James write for The Los Angeles Times.

“Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Entertainment andMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. said Thursday that they would pursue Pixar and its picture-perfect record. All five of Pixar’s feature-length animated films


  1. …. oh, and a final snippet about Disney:

    In her memoirs, German Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl claims that after ‘Kristallnacht’ she approached every studio in Hollywood looking for work. No studio head would even screen her movies – EXCEPT Walt Disney.”

  2. I agree with MCCFR. Warner does have a great history of classic animation although recently they don’t do much animation anymore. Their last animation “Iron Giant” (Animatrix does not count, right?) was a beautifully drawn story which unfortunately didn’t do much at the box office even though it was a great movie (I think it did well in home video market, though). Compared to Disney’s latests, Iron Giant was a masterpiece. I think Pixar can find a home with Warner.

    OTOH, it must be said though that history of great animations can’t be used to judge a current studio as the current situation proved: Disney sucked.

  3. “However, can Disney really afford to let PIXAR go? Disney’s original content is far south of money made via PIXAR! ” – John Hood

    Whether Disney can or can’t afford to, it’s done. Pixar is gone.

    “… company that’s made a living ripping off old fairy tales and legends. And then “Jungle Book II”, how desperate can you get?” – hagar57

    Can you say royalty-free popular stories? Ironically, Disney is one of the companies who got the Congress to perpetually extend the copyright expiration so that their Mickey Mouse won’t fall into public domain.

    I just have a thought about Fox. I hope Pixar does not go with Fox or Paramount. Both studios withheld their libraries from DVD in early stages as they didn’t think customers should have high quality, digital movies. Warner, OTOH, is one of the forces behind DVD. That shows commitment to consumer market: us.

  4. It’s bad news for Disney no matter what. Pixar paid for their marketing (15% of net) and gave up 50% of sales to Disney. I don’t know about the licensing of toys… But they had a deal that might seem good to an unproven company. If I were Eisner, I would have given Jobs 100% of profits in exchange for relicensing. Right now, Disney gets 100% of nothing. Expect them to re-market old Pixar movies to death.

    And in a nasty trick from the record world, Toy Story II didn’t count as one of the 5 movies since it was a sequel (still a movie, unless you are a lawyer). So don’t expect Pixar to do Toy Story III. So don’t bother going to see it.

    It will be semi-sweet to see a great movie out of “The Incredibles”. I’m sure the characters will be really engaging.

    I’m sure there will be a dog-fight in the courts later between Disney and Pixar. Disney’s concept is that they should make all the money if the breathe on you. I’m sure its a law down in Orlando.

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