New version of Mydoom Windows virus appears, attacks Microsoft; Macintosh unaffected

“Internet security experts found a new version of the Mydoom computer worm, dubbed the Mydoom.B, that evades detection measures for the original worm, Finland’s F-Secure said. ‘The new virus has been modified so that the original Mydoom anti-virus protection does not detect it,’ Mikko Hyppoenen, director of computer security firm F-Secure’s anti-virus division, told AFP. ‘It is in the wild, and computers are getting infected, but so far in less numbers than by the original Mydoom virus,’ he added,” AFP reports.

“The Mydoom.B worm is designed to attack [url=],[/url] Microsoft Corp’s main website, as well as the website of US-based software vendor SCO, which is the sole target of the original Mydoom worm. In addition, it has a new feature, rendering it impossible for infected computers to access the websites of several anti-virus software firms. ‘This is a nightmare come true for us …. infected users won’t get updates from anybody,’ Ero Carrera, a virus cracker with F-Secure, said after neutralizing the latest variant,” AFP reports.

Macintosh computers cannot be infected with either the original Mydoom or Mydoom.B virus.

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  1. I would like to see someone calculate how much viruses and anti-virus software has cost them in the last year and add that price to what they paid for their peecee. Then we would see how much they “saved” by going windoze.

  2. Yeah, I’m so glad I have a Mac at home but that doesn’t help me during the day. I really have to get out of the Windows support business.

    Sucks to be me…during the day that is! >:)

  3. Folks, don’t gloat. Seriously. Any time some jerk lets fly with a worm like MyDoom, it’s bad for everybody. It slows down traffic on the Internet, it could hammer sites and locations you need to access, and just because we’re immune to this does not mean that some day, we won’t get our butts kicked as well.

    I can only hope that some minds in the Windows world finally say “Enough already!” and give serious consideration to the Mac. This would be a good reason why.

    My only solice is watching Bill Gates eat his words about “security by obscurity” when he said recently that the Mac was not as secure as Windows. Memo to Bill: you’re wrong.

  4. Mac IT Guy,

    Yes, a worm written for OS X could get past a user careless enough to type in his password when prompted to install the “application”, but it would then be very limited as to what it could do. Most of the (invisible) system files are locked down and cannot be modified or trashed even by the admin account user.

    At least, that’s my understanding – I’m not a programmer.

    “Now, Now, let us not be hasty. A virus liike these two can easily be made to infect any computer reguardless of how “secure” its opperating system. People are actually infecting themselves but actively opening the attachment. The question is, if they compiled a version of this virus for OS X would we all be smart enough not to just open the file even though it appeared to come from a friend with the only warning indicator being that it was an app?”

  5. I don’t comment windows viruses. I don’t have that much free time. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    I do comment mac viruses though. Why? There is none and that much free time I do have.
    Amazing how PC people still defends the bad choice they made ie. buying a PC computer.

  6. We live in interesting times, don’t we? Worldwide meltdowns used to happen only once in a lifetime. How boring was that? B.G. has given us a major worldwide event several times a year! Hip, hip, horay!

  7. The most worrying thing about these worms and viruses is that they target specific web-sites. Right now someone wants to hurt SCO Group and Microsoft but what if one day this person feels obliged to attack Apple? There are a lot of people with ill-will towards Apple and I am not just talking about C/Net writers.

  8. I agree with Mr. Incredible – “Folks, don’t gloat. Seriously. …”

    But the reason Windows has 94% of the market is that most people don’t know Mac OS X is virus free!

    We should all be wearing hats and t-shirts emblazoned with this. Emailing our congressmen, etc…


  9. One of our secretaries with her wintel abomination opened that attachment. She has my email in her freaking outlook crapware. Now I got the bouncebacks from all the people I supposedly sent mails to. No problemo. I just trained the spamfilter of Mail on the first crop of virus mails and bouncebacks, now I’m having peace.
    Still, it’s a nuisance. It took me almost five minutes.

    On another note, a worm like this could never spread on Mac platforms under OS X. Why? Even if a single moronic user would type in his admin password to allow the installation of such a virus, it would require an uninterupted chain of morons to spread it. That’s the beauty of writing a Worm for Win: morons abound there! Clueless people who are kept in ignorance by the IT departments who try to protect their turf and jobs.

  10. Now don’t get so overconfident about the invunerability of the Mac plattform. How many among you have a decent firewall, virus protection, etc.? The day will come and the first large scale attack on the Mac will be launched. I think I’m prepared. Are you..?

  11. Yes, please don’t gloat, but this truly wouldn’t be a Mac OS X problem. Most users should not be logged onto admin level accounts. Whereas on Windows, all users, even limited users, who “execute” an attachment can give it “access” to the rest of the system. (Note on many windows systems these attachments are automatically launched, and this is simply not possible, ever, on a Mac.)

    While on Mac OS X, user data would always be at risk for anyone launching an attachment (ie a malicious shell script that does a rm -rf ), the rest of the system, and other User accounts, would be safe. Mac OS X even allows more control, such that even these attachments could never be executed by the user, and only by an admin.

    Simple protections: routers, firewalls, don’t execute unknown code, and even on single user systems it is recommended that you have two accounts: One for admin level access (in fact this is usually the original “owners” account); and a second with standard privileges, which is the one you use for day to day activities.

    Regarding the latest round of mydoom.b: it is interesting to see who’s email lists I am on. So far here all virii infected emails, “bounced” or otherwise, have been successfully detected and/or deleted, and there have been many, many over the last two days.


  12. Money spent on virus programs, EVER: 0
    (They come with the box or mobo)
    Time spent using virus program: 0
    (They do it automatically ya know)
    Viruses found: 0
    (When in doubt, when all else fails, don’t click the damn attachment)
    Files downloaded from Kazaa, etc.: tens of thousands
    (including, at this moment, 50 downloads of movies)
    Knowing that most of the blather here is reverse FUD: PRICELESS

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