New version of Mydoom Windows virus appears, attacks Microsoft; Macintosh unaffected

“Internet security experts found a new version of the Mydoom computer worm, dubbed the Mydoom.B, that evades detection measures for the original worm, Finland’s F-Secure said. ‘The new virus has been modified so that the original Mydoom anti-virus protection does not detect it,’ Mikko Hyppoenen, director of computer security firm F-Secure’s anti-virus division, told AFP. ‘It is in the wild, and computers are getting infected, but so far in less numbers than by the original Mydoom virus,’ he added,” AFP reports.

“The Mydoom.B worm is designed to attack [url=],[/url] Microsoft Corp’s main website, as well as the website of US-based software vendor SCO, which is the sole target of the original Mydoom worm. In addition, it has a new feature, rendering it impossible for infected computers to access the websites of several anti-virus software firms. ‘This is a nightmare come true for us …. infected users won’t get updates from anybody,’ Ero Carrera, a virus cracker with F-Secure, said after neutralizing the latest variant,” AFP reports.

Macintosh computers cannot be infected with either the original Mydoom or Mydoom.B virus.

Full article here.


  1. although this type of computer virus makes microsoft and windows look bad and may have some benefits for the mac as a platform, i wonder who is mean enough to write such a virus

  2. Got a couple of “bounce back” emails I didn’t send as well as a few direct emails with attachments. I was tempted to open them since they supposedly don’t affect Macs, but I deleted them instead.

  3. To rf,

    No doubt it was written by Linux fans that are not too pleased with SCO at this time. SCO is trying to prevent any Unix variants from continuing business since they hold some of the original patents, from what I understand.

    In another topic, our Finnish friend is not here today and the announcement of the new virus came from Finland. You don’t suppose he’s been busy, do you… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. To jfbiii,

    Yeah, but if that happened then you know that and all the other Windoze lovers would just claim, “Look a G5 can be infected with this virus!”

  5. Now, Now, let us not be hasty. A virus liike these two can easily be made to infect any computer reguardless of how “secure” its opperating system. People are actually infecting themselves but actively opening the attachment. The question is, if they compiled a version of this virus for OS X would we all be smart enough not to just open the file even though it appeared to come from a friend with the only warning indicator being that it was an app?

    Eh, who cares. Hopefully this is a linux person who realizes we are not the enemy.

  6. I use a mac and i am being sent the virus from unique email address at the rate of over 500 emails a day since yesterday. Apparently an infected PC user with my email address in their address book has caused this. Although the virus will not affect my mac, it has affected my inbox!

  7. I haven’t received a thing. Obviously none of my “friends” feel me worthy enough to put me in their address books. B@st*rds!

    *goes outside to kill self*

  8. What a nice touch to render anti-virus sites unavailable. Novel thinking like that reminds of the hijacker who jumped out of the plane with all the $$$. Tiny blows against the Land of Small Brained People.

  9. “I think we should start a pool on how big the class action lawsuit will be. We will have to use scientific notation, of course, to express the number.”

    Well, according to this article,

    MyDoom appears to have originated in Russia. So much for a class action. I guess everyone stupid enough to use Wintel is getting what they deserve (i.e., viruses and not cash).

    But, hey! They saved a lot of money by buying Wintel, right?

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