Latest Windows virus ‘MyDoom’ sets new infection records worldwide; Macintosh unaffected

“A new computer virus that spreads using e-mail messages is breaking records for new infections that were set by the last major e-mail worm, Sobig.F, according to leading antivirus software companies and e-mail security firms,” Paul Roberts reports for ComputerWorld.

[The virus infects Windows machines, Macintosh computers are unaffected (although ‘Net traffic and email slowdowns affect every computer user online).]

“Infected e-mail messages carrying the Mydoom virus, also known as Shimgapi and Novarg, have been intercepted from over 142 countries and now account for one in every 12 e-mail messages, according to Mark Sunner, chief technology officer at e-mail security company MessageLabs Ltd.,” Roberts reports. “That surpasses the record set by the Sobig.F virus, which appeared last August and, at its peak, was found in one of every 17 messages intercepted by MessageLabs, he said.”

“Since first detecting the new virus at 1 p.m. GMT yesterday, MessageLabs has intercepted almost 1 million infected e-mail messages carrying the virus, Sunner said. The virus has “followed the sun,” hitting hard in the U.S. and Canada late yesterday, then working its way through Asia and Europe today, he said,’ Roberts reports. “F-Secure Corp. in Helsinki estimates that about 100,000 computers have been infected with Mydoom so far, said Mikko Hypponen, manager of antivirus research at F-Secure.”

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  1. I read that it writes itself to the Kazaa download folder and renamed itself to Winamp5, Doom2004, etc etc. Perhaps that’s how it is propogating itself outside of email….

    WOO HOO!

  2. I was just watching a local 6 oclock news story on the virus where they were interviewing some University IT people. The moron reporter/cameraman kept showing Mac computers when discussing the virus.

  3. This comes right after Bill Gates tells everybody that Windows is the most secure platform out there… yeah right. The sad thing is, some people will believe it just because he said it.


  4. When will the learn…macs really do rule..possibly after losing their drives another time? naw…..I will have to say its a most enlightening and gratifying thing to watch a Windoze user come to macs and go…wow..Save a Windoze user today… show ’em a Mac..happy birthday macintosh…

  5. I just got my mom in law to switch to Mac about two months ago and she is SO glad now.

    There are enough things to worry about in todays world already. This is one worry that it is possible and even easy to eliminate.

    What price would you put on eliminating the need to worry about viruses, worms and trojan horses? Wake up Windoze Users! Drop that smelly piece of swiss cheese you call an operating system and come into the light!

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