Apple Macintosh paved the way for PC industry; basically every PC is a Mac or trying to be one

“Apple was years ahead of its time. The Mac OS allowed users to operate programs and open folders inside collapsible ‘windows,’ something Microsoft picked up in its Windows operating systems,” The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. “You could argue that every PC is a Macintosh, because of the similarity of Windows to the original Mac OS.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports, “Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently said: ‘There was a time when Windows wasn’t Windows. They had Microsoft DOS, and DOS was lines you had to type (on screen). … And the funny thing is, when they switched over


  1. I am always reminded of the arrogant comments I use to hear from DOS users about the mouse and the GUI.

    “COMMAND LINE” is the only REAL interface, they would blather. “What the heck do I need that stupid mouse thing for?”, they would spew.

    Not surprising this same clueless category of human now makes the same disparaging remarks about modern Apple products and the innovations they introduce to the world on a regular basis. They completely ignore the fact that Mac users have been enjoying a far superior version of their now widely adopted GUI interface for years. They don’t realize how pathetically weak their interface and operating system’s capabilities are compared to what we use. Since 95% of them have never actually used a Macintosh, all they can do is regurgitate FUD spewed by equally clueless Windows zealots, insecure about their choice in computers.

    There are leaders, and there are followers.

    The Windows world and the sheep that live in it will never understand what it feels like to LEAD.

  2. Let us not forget the Amiga also was ahead of its time as well. Amiga probably pushed multimedia computing further than Mac or PC initially. Of course I’m not trying to raise a stink here and MacHeads and Amigans get along quite well.


  3. Off-topic: I don’t like the way MDN’s articles are now rendering on my Ti-book. The ads on the right are way out there, and each line of article is way too long for comfortable reading. The size of the browser (Safari or Explorer) window seems not to matter.

    What’s up with that? Can be get back to the old way of rendering?

  4. R.V. – Actually, being quite familiar with Unix/Linux/DOS/ “command line” – I for the most part prefer the keyboard over the mouse. I use the command line to nagivate around almost as much as I use the mouse.

  5. If a program has 1000 functions, menu-ing around to find the one you need is really irritating. Why not just type the name of it and let the computer find it for you?

    That’s why command lines are better than GUIs. If you’ve got a good memory and are working in a very complex program, it’s much easier. (I have a terrible memory, so I need menus.)

  6. “R.V. – Actually, being quite familiar with Unix/Linux/DOS/ “command line” – I for the most part prefer the keyboard over the mouse. I use the command line to nagivate around almost as much as I use the mouse.”

    In my line of work Graphic Design command line is really not an option, but I understand what you are saying. Still, you are in a very tiny minority of users.

    The people I was referring to in my previous comments were the farthest thing from a power user. They are all now happily using a GUI and mouse in the form of Windows and if you ask them who invented both, they will likely tell you in all seriousness that it was Microsoft. ;o)

  7. However, borrowing from the previous stories on MDN, the Mac is for “the rest of us”. Yes, I know command line on many computer systems, but how many of those can you just walk up to and start using with no experience, no book, no help?

    I recently started using Garage Band, iMovie and iDVD. I’ve not had a manual. I’ve not had a class. I didn’t read the help files. I just use them and they work. I’m sure that later on I’ll need to read up to do some of the more fancier things, but not right now.

    Now, compare that to your DOS or Unix or VMS or whatever command line you want to use. That’s one of the beautiful things about the Mac is that it expects PEOPLE to use it, not computer programmers.

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