Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac to lack XML features found in Office 2003 for Windows

“Microsoft Corp. is readying a new version of Office for Macintosh for release in the first half of 2004 — but it won’t support many of the XML (Extensible Markup Language) features of its Windows cousin, Office 2003,” Matthew


  1. This is bad news for the Mac. MS is making a major under-the-hood investment in XML, and it’s sad (but predictable) to see that they are not carrying those changes across to the Mac platform.

  2. “…the company chooses which features to implement based on customer demand…”

    Isn’t the number one customer demand to have complete parity with the Windows version? If they continue to cripple Office for the Mac this way, there ceases to be a benefit to having it in the first place.

  3. Elmo thinks there is a simple solution (ha,ha,heh,ha). Import into Filemaker Pro 6+ (ha-ha) and export to XML, then say “thanks for the help, Bill Fucking Gates” (heh,heh, ha-heh,ha).

  4. At the risk of sounding uneducated….what is XML? What will it mean for me that it isn’t in Office 2004 for Mac? I’ve recently switched to AppleWorks 6 and don’t plan to use any MS products in the future, but I want to understand this issue. Thanks

  5. this is the classic example of the difference of Windows users and Mac users:

    people who flock to pc’s look at a computer as what IT can do for them, where mac users look at what THEY can do with a computer.

    microshaft thinks it can decide what a customers needs, they are used to that thinking from their windows customers. they can’t comprehend people expecting more from their computers.


  6. Doesn’t matter. Microsoft has completely bastardized their version of XML for Office. Its so wrapped up in digital rights that the only ones who can view the XML are other Office XP users. So much for using a open standard.

  7. Either Apple needs to give us iOffice, or Sun Microsystems needs to step up to the plate and bring us Star Office 7! We can live without Office for Mac (and it’s incompatible Windows twin)!!

  8. It’s a freaking word processor. Type a letter and go to File::Print. In my opinion, MS tries to do too much with Word. And from what I’ve seen, people can never accurately or properly implement all these so-called “needed” features without causing all kinds of errors popping up on my screen.

    If it weren’t for my clients, i would trash Word. But i have to admit my guilty pleasure for Excel. Great analytical tool.

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