CBS invites you to vote for “The Super Bowl’s Greatest Commerials” – Apple’s “1984” in the running

Join host Jim Nantz and the rest of the “NFL Today” team, Boomer Esiason, Dan Marino and Deion Sanders, as well as other celebrities, for this special that takes a look back at the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time. Since 1967, there have been 37 Super Bowls, containing approximately 60 commercials in each, which works out to more than 2,200 Super Bowl commercials in all! We’ve narrowed the field down to ten. Vote now for your favorite!

Apple Computer’s “1984” is among the contenders. You know what to do here.


  1. Well, yeah, you have to vote for the Apple one, obviously.

    The sad part, to me, is their top 10 list. The Levis commercial was from last year. The Tobasco, Budweiser, and Mountain Dew commercials are pretty recent, too (either last year or the year before). I didn’t recognize the Pepsi commercial, but it looks pretty recent, too. And the McDonalds commercial is late-90s, at least (I always liked that one). So 6 of the top 10 are less than 10 years old? Please…

    By the way, you need to install RealPlayer. No, I didn’t–I’m just going off the pictures…

  2. I love it. Apple is one of the commercials in the running, but I can’t even view any of the ads with the 45,000 different browsers I have installed on my computer. Reminds me of surfing through nowadays.

  3. No problem watching them here on my $400 wintel box.

    The ironic thing is that, had anything in the Apple commercial come true, you guys would be playing the clips with ease. That you are not says it all.

  4. The plethora of plug-ins on my decked-out $3000 Toshiba WinXP laptop can’t play the clips in IE or Firebird. A 12″ iBook in my house was able to play it with no problem.


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