Apple Confidential 2.0 book released; authors call it the definitive Apple history

With iTunes, iPods, and designer iMacs, Apple Computer is once again revolutionizing the way we live with technology. To bring us all up to date with what’s new with Apple, No Starch Press is releasing the second edition of journalist Owen W. Linzmayer’s best-selling “Apple Confidential.”

“Apple Confidential 2.0” (January 2004, $19.95 US) covers everything of note in Apple’s fascinating history, from its legendary founding in a garage to today’s groundbreaking innovations. With over 60 pages of new material, including several completely new or greatly revised chapters, and hundreds of new photos, illustrations, quotes, and timelines, “Apple Confidential 2.0” is required reading for Macintosh fanatics and anyone interested in the business of Apple.

“Apple Confidential” is widely recognized as the definitive history of Apple Computer. It’s full of photos, surprising quotes, and timelines. Each chapter is a self-contained piece of Apple’s history, scrupulously researched, including:

– The trials and tribulations of creating the original Macintosh
– The forgotten founder who walked away from half a billion dollars
– Details of the development of the Apple I, II, and III, Lisa, Mac clones, Mac OS X, Newton, NeXT, and Windows
– Secret product code names and a timeline of every Macintosh model ever released
– The CEOs who oversaw the company’s rise, fall, and resurgence
– Jonathan Ive’s brilliance as the industrial designer of the revolutionary iMac and iPod

Author/journalist Owen W. Linzmayer has been covering Apple for over twenty years, and he knows the company inside and out. As Techweek noted, while “Numerous books have been written about Apple, . . . ‘Apple Confidential’ offers the most entertaining and complete picture . . . For Apple fanatics, not reading this book would be like a major music fan not listening to the Beatles. The same is true for anyone else remotely interested in the history of the PC and of Silicon Valley.”

Apple Confidential 2.0: The Definitive History of the World’s Most Colorful Company, by Owen W. Linzmayer ISBN 1593270100, January 2004, US $19.95 ($29.95 Cdn), 344 pp. Available at fine bookstores everywhere.


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