Pepsi ad for Apple iTunes giveaway likely to appear in Super Bowl’s first quarter

The Pepsi-Cola Company has purchased a total of three minutes in Super Bowl XXXVIII. Pepsi is set to air Sierra Mist and Pepsi-focused spots along with one spot for the Pepsi / Apple iTunes Music Store 100 million free songs promotion.

Pepsi has one :60 spot scheduled in the first quarter of the game, a total of 1:20 in the second quarter, and one :30 spot in the 3rd quarter. Advertising Age reports that Pepsi’s agency, BBDO Worldwide, New York is still shooting some or all of the spots.

We are speculating that the :60 spot in the first quarter of the game is likely to be the Apple iTunes promotion, due to the high-profile nature of the promotion, but in reality, the spot could show up anywhere within the 1st quarter to the 3rd quarter of the game. If not shown in the first quarter, the next best bet would be a :30 or a :60 spot somewhere in the second quarter as Pepsi must surely want this ad to be seen by the largest possible number of people.

We’ll keep trying to pin down the exact quarter in which the commerical will be shown. Anyone with “inside information” on the Super Bowl ad scheduling can contact


  1. GO PATS!!!

    It’s not even football? Of course it is, just not that euro kind. You can’t really compare them. It’s like comparing baseball to cricket. 2 different animals (I know, now we’re going to hear from all these “experts” about how they are the same, blah blah, save your breath).

  2. Prime spots are for Qtr. 1 and 2 and just after half time. 4th Qtr. spots are priced lower. This Pepsi info was published at 3 weeks ago. (Better late then never I guess).

    As for the guy from Finland. Name a sport that was invented or introduced in your country….. ;-]

  3. Finland is On The Top Of The World. Incase someone does not know it yet.
    Name sport that is invented in Finland.. Hmm.. Kicking Russians?
    We are good only in icehockey and motorsports (Formula 1 and Rally).
    Mika H�kkinen, Kimi R�ikk�nen and Tommi M�kinen.
    Then again kicking M$ is very good contact sport. We use Linux for that.
    Linus Thorvalds.
    Akankanto is 100% Finnish. Yeah that’s it. There you go ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    There is no Akanheitto yet.

  4. “Just forget the half time show and have a PC punt pass and kick contest.”

    Better yet, give the guy a PC without any virus protection. If he can check his email without getting infected he gets $1M.

    Finl�nd sounds like � re�lly kick-�ss country.

  5. “4th quarter will be boring. Pats up by 20…all field goals.”

    Well, I understand that Carolina has a good defense–the Pats, of course, are known for their D. Brady hasn’t looked all that good, though, the last few games. I mean, one TD last week?

    If Carolina’s defense is as good as people are saying it is, I could see it being a close and low-scoring game. Or, as a friend of mine put it, “Rockettes football: 1-2-3, Kick, 1-2-3, Kick, 1-2-3…”

    “Prime spots are for Qtr. 1 and 2 and just after half time. 4th Qtr. spots are priced lower.”

    That’s interesting–I’d never really thought about it. I would imagine there’s more risk–if the game is a blowout, people will have tuned away. If it’s close, they may be more interested in the game than the commercials.

  6. Actually hardware is not important right now.
    What is important is that Apple kindly asks companies like SAP to move their programs to Os X. I am little fed up with these iTunes and GarageBand things when there is no SAP for Mac. Also there is not a good project managment tool for Mac. These things are essential for any kind of companies. I dont’ say that GarageBand or iTunes is bad. I say only that companies needs different kind of weapons and those has to ported to Os X.

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