Apple’s iTunes sold 10 times more AAC tracks than WMA-based European rival OD2 in 2003

“Apple sold ten times as many tracks in the US as its most established future rival in Europe, OD2, sold in 2003,” MacWorld UK reports.

“The Mac-maker shifted 30 million songs in the US, while OD2 has shifted just three million songs in Windows Media format across the multiple operators that use its service in Europe last year… He added that the volume of European music downloads is growing 25 per cent month-on-month. Apple is expected to launch its own music download service in Europe in the second quarter,’ MacWorld UK reports.

Full article here.


  1. And Rob Enderle, Paul Thurrott et al. will complain that the death ray isn’t WMA-compatible, and that the iPod 4G can only fire imaginary space weapons in a proprietary format.

  2. …or they’ll attest that Microsoft DeathRay 2009 will be sooooo much better than Apple’s version. And the fact that it will be built-in to Bonghorn and will be un-installable will promote customer choice, of course.

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