DVD drive required to install Apple’s GarageBand application

“Apple resellers are running short of iLife ’04 stocks as eager Mac users race to install the new versions of Apple’s consumer creativity tools, but there’s a snag for some. iLife ’04 includes two installation disks inside its


  1. “I bought a family pack and one of my iMacs doesn’t have a DVD drive, but has FireWire. So I thought, I’ll just copy the DVD to my iPod and install it that way… It didn’t work…”

    Dragging the CD over probably would not work, but you should be able to just do the install over firewire. I’m doing that right now.

  2. My G4 has a DVD drive. When I inserted the iLife CD, I got an error message and it refused to install, saying that since I have a DVD drive I was REQUIRED to install from the DVD. That’s just silly! A DVD drive can read CD’s so it should have just let me install, but then display a message saying that the other programs are on the DVD disk.

  3. I see no reason why Apple and the rest of the world doesn’t continue to move beyond CDs and make DVD the standard medium for all data/music/video storage. The CD no longer serves a valid purpose when DVD reader-writers are becoming much cheaper, almost commonplace.

  4. Atomic Bomb, I promise you I know what drive is in my Mac! And if you doubt me, check out the specs on Mactracker.

    Prudent, not Prude (great name!), how did you get the iBook to boot from the hard drive of the G4 instead of it’s own drive? I might be able to do what you did by using a DVD equipped G3 PowerBook (processor too slow to run Garageband itself). I suppose an alternative would be making a disk image of the install DVD on the PowerBook and copying across to the G4 via FireWire and installing from that, but your method sounds less time-consuming.

  5. There were G3 iMacs for sale in London Mac dealerships up until about April 2003. More importantly, you could buy CD-ROM based eMacs and iBooks until very recently. Considering iLife is a consumer suite, and those are the consumer models, it doesn’t show good faith from Apple to do this without offering a CD only box too, even if it’s only available on the Apple Store and costs a little more.

  6. All who complain about this DVD “problem” should check your heads. Buy a DVD drive. And if you don’t have a Mac that’s fast enough and you’re genuinely interested in using the latest audio software then guess what? Buy a new computer!!! I honestly don’t know where some of you are coming from. When did you really expect to produce near-professional digital audio compositons on your Rev A Bondi iMac?


  7. Bone-head move on the part of Apple. I own a G4 Quicksilver 733. This machine did not come with a dvd drive. This machine is a fairly recent pro machine from apple… it’s not a “Rev A Bondi iMac” or a “consumer machine” as others have said. I did not get a model with dvd because I do not want to watch dvd on my computer and I do not have a digital video camera or have a need for one.

    Is Garageband so large that it has to be on DVD? If not, why did they do it that way? What does a dvd player have to do with creating music?

    I was planning on ordering iLife soon.. but I guess I will wait, I won’t be able use the software even if I do get it.

  8. harryhoode: As I understand it, the GarageBand app and loops are too large to fit on a CD. It ships with over 1000 high quality loops. (Some say 1000 is not enough –I agree but whaddya want for close to nothing). Whatever the case Apple should be applauded rather than bitched-slapped for releasing GarageBand as part of the iLife suite which costs a mere $49. It’s silly to have bought the QuickSilver with no DVD drive. I had the same computer a few months back until I sold it to get the latest iMac. My QuickSilver did have a DVD drive… though my iMac has a SuperDrive, a nicer display, smaller foot-print, is less noisy, less expensive and is just as fast.

    You get a DVD player when Steve decides you should? No. We all make our own choices. Some are good, and some are not.

  9. If its so large that is has to be on DVD, then it has to be on DVD.

    I don’t think it was silly to buy this computer without dvd. It would sit unused…. at least until iLife. Then, i would use it to get the software off the dvd and it would again become useless.

    Maybe now that dvd drives are cheaper Apple should indeed drop the cd only option. Of course, people will bitch about the lack of choice.

  10. just for reference, iLife05 would let you hook up a non-DVD equipped mac via Target Disc Mode and install the app on that machine as though it was just another partition. iLife06 will only install on the booted volume. not sure why.

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