APC Magazine: ‘Apple has once again lapped Microsoft in the operating system race’

“Apple has once again lapped Microsoft in the operating system race. With Windows


  1. Hmm, lets see $400 to upgrade to Windows XP and all it’s many flaws and potential viruses, not to mention shotty performance or $229 to upgrade to Panther and peaceful bliss and security?!?!? What is an Australian to do??

  2. Yes, Windows does offer a FREE remote control program to allow the user to remotely control other PCs. I believe that’s one of the many features in the new Bagel worm – see previous article for details!!!!

  3. It isn’t that MicroFlaccid is “good enough,” it’s that the American consumer is stupid enough.

    Unlike fat chicks and mopeds, few people have the brains to be embarrassed to admit that they ride an inferior OS like Windoze.

  4. With a smaller market to Windows how can Apple not charge for the major OS X updates? It takes a lot of resources to create something like Panther and it is not for charity. Besides, education discounts make it a lot cheaper and if you are using a Mac then chances are that you qualify for this.

  5. Overall, a wonderful article on Panther. Just one minor correction- current prices for Apple Remote Desktop are around 360.00 for a 10 client version- much less than the author’s quote of 569.00. And if that is too costly, there are also several open source alternatives that I have found very useful for my needs. Also, I have personally used ARD beyond local networks, recently connecting my mac in New York to my brother’s mac in the Philippines and he’s on a dial-up connection to boot!

  6. I have used both macs and pc’s since they came out. I am continually impressed with how well Apple builds their products. They’re not perfect but they are very nicely done. Microsoft I am continually disapointed in, yes their OS works and it does get the job done, but using it is a true chore. It amazes me that Apple with its small market share can develope a world class operating system and hardware while staying (just barely) profitable. Why is it that Microsoft with its huge resources and emormous finances can’t make an OS and applications that are 100 times better than any thing else?

    Steve Jobs– we make better stuff.
    Bill Gates– it doesn’t matter.

    that’s why!

  7. MS is having trouble getting their 64 bit OS finished because they don’t have Apple’s version to copy ideas from yet.

    Once the 64 bit version from Apple is released, give MS about 18 months of reverse engineering before they can produce the first beta copy of Longhorn.

  8. xp pro is available for less than $100 in the US, that is about $130 aus I guess, so I don’t get Matt’s original point.

    But yeah osX is better than XP, and yes RV142, MS will be first in line to buy (or steal) the latest from Apple.

  9. hey yourself flb.

    one solution is vnc. i apologize for saying it is open source when i do not know that for sure. some may find it a little more troublesome to set up but it has worked well for me in the past and it is free.

    yes, dynamic ips are a challenge for most remote software but this simply requires some planning. i ask clients to email me before connecting and i find their current ip address hidden in the header info.

    also worth mentioning is timbuktu pro. i haven’t used it recently but it has been updated for os x and a single license version is available for under US$100.00. you might need to install on both client and controlling macs unlike panther which has the ARD client built in, but at that cost, i consider it a possible solution for my future. quoted from netopia’s site is something that seems to address your concerns for dynamic ip’s, “Timbuktu Pro’s improved Internet Locator Service adapts itself even to frequently-changed IP addresses, allowing you to find other users with only an email address.”

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