Real CEO Glaser: ‘iTunes is only going to be used for playing songs you bought using the iTunes stor

RealNetworks Chair and Chief Executive Officer Rob Glaser sat down with IDG News Service to discuss his company with Joris Evers for IDG News Service. Two questions touched upon Apple, the iPod, iTunes, and the iTunes Music Store:

IDGNS: Hewlett-Packard announced it will release a digital music player based on Apple’s IPod [sic] and preinstall Apple’s ITunes [sic] jukebox software on its consumer PCs and notebook systems. Does that hurt RealNetworks?

Glaser: ITunes [sic] is only going to be used for playing songs you bought using the ITunes [sic] store or ripped using ITunes [sic]. What we have done with RealPlayer 10 by making it universal is create a solution that we think consumers will flock to. Imagine the situation when you buy a couple of tracks from the ITunes [sic] store, a couple of tracks from Napster, and hopefully you’ll buy tracks from the RealPlayer Music Store. You want it to just work. What Apple is doing reinforces format diversity. Even though Apple is narrowly focused on its one format, its success reinforces the need for people to take a universal approach. We’re the only major player that does that.

IDGNS: Apple offers both the ITunes [sic] media player and the IPod [sic] hardware. Will we ever see a RealNetworks device?

Glaser: We’re not likely to make our own hardware. We will have hardware partners who we work closely with to make sure that we deliver a great end-to-end experience. We are already doing that with Palm; we’re working on that with Creative Labs. We will increasingly work with more and more device makers out there.

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MacDailyNews Take: Wonder if Real’s service (and the company) will last another five years? And calling the iPod, “IPod,” and iTunes, “ITunes,” makes IDG News Service look uninformed and lazy. IDG News Service is simply disrespectful of Apple, as they seem to be perfectly capable of getting every other company’s non-standard trademarked names correctly on the page. They don’t seem to feel the need to impose their own version of the RealNetworks name, or by following their logic, it would be written something like “rEalnEtworks” or something to that effect. It’s a subtle disrespect (we imagine the author thinking, “Apple stuff – not worth the effort of getting the name right”). It’s usually reserved only for Apple’s trademarked product names and it sticks out like a sore thumb in articles like this. We will continue to point it out until it stops.


  1. “What we have done with RealPlayer 10 by making it universal is create a solution that we think consumers will flock to.”

    Sound familiar?

    I read the same claim by the BUY.COM music store folks as well as Napster and Wal-Mart. So far, I don’t see much in the way of “flocking”.

    Why do these people feel the need to marginalize Apple whenever they compare their service to the #1 ?

    Can you say WEAK ?

  2. Why don’t you guys give up on the IPod and ITunes whining….this is usually caused not by UNINFORMED AND LAZY people as you state, but by the publishing systems that spell check and publish to a web server…get over it….it’s a common error done everywhere….and yes…I’m an apple loyalist before you zealots start flaming me…I’m also a web developer so I’m familiar with the issue….

  3. ummm… if it’s a publishing system doing as spell check, why isn’t it “Ipod” and “Itunes”. Apparently it’s human error at some point, wether it’s the author or editor or the person that programmed the publishing system.

  4. Why would I buy music anywhere else?

    So far, the only thing I have not found at the iTunes store, that I would like to buy, are those freak’n Beatles songs. And since I don’t see that happening for a while I guess I will have to “find” the CD and rip them.

    Really, why would I go to 3 or 4 stores to buy music. I never did that when I purchased CD’s or Albums at the store. I had my favorite music store and I went there.

  5. So, is Glaser stating that iTunes music store purchased music (with it’s AAC prop layer – not re-encoded as an mp3), will work with Realplayer 10? I’ll take a punt and guess that Real will not have that capability…..

    However, it is possible that I’ll have to eat my words later, but I doubt it.

  6. I don’t know… Apple is playing a dangerous game with this whole thing. I have to admit, that even though they have provided the best solution for me, that most people just like having choice. They don’t want to hear that you can only use their iTMS songs on an Apple portable player, and conversely, they don’t want to exclude a playable format option (wma, yuck!) from their ipods.

    And yet, Apple doesn’t want to pay the license to put wma decoding on the ipod. So, what I propose is that Apple offer a paid firmware upgrade to let the ipod play wma’s. That way the people who want it most can pay for it, without Apple paying through the nose to put it on every machine. Granted, they may lose some iTMS business, but if the people already have ipods, does Apple really care anyway? After all, supposedly the iTMS is meant to drive ipod sales.

  7. birdseed, RealPlayer 10 WILL play music from the iTMS. You have to have iTunes installed first, because RealPlayer only taps into the QT in order to authorize it. It can’t do it independently, but to the user, it’s automagical.

  8. iGads: “Why would I buy music anywhere else?

    Oh, I don’t know. Say you prefer Napster over iTMS, but you drink Pepsi. Or say you prefer iTMS over Real but you drink Heineken.

    If Tower records was giving away free singles, perhaps you’d stop in…

    Personally, I think this is a good idea. It’s about the music, not the format.

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