‘Time for Apple to crow a little’ on earnings front

“After years of being lumped in with the also-rans, it may be about time for Apple to crow a little. While the company has never lost its cult following on the technology side, investors couldn’t get past its dwindling market share and the faint smell of irrelevance in an era of price wars from Dell and Hewlett-Packard. So when Apple shares started to perk up after the company announced its iTunes music store in April, many watched from the sidelines,” K.C. Swanson reports for

“Whoops. Since then, the stock has shot up nearly 75% (as of Tuesday’s close of $24.12)… Analysts say the company is on track to report healthy growth when it reports December-quarter results after the bell, courtesy of a refreshed computer line with faster processors from IBM and updated Mac OS X software, as well as surging sales of iPods. Sales should total around $1.93 billion, up 12% from the prior quarter on the heels of a fat Christmas season, with earnings of 14 cents, according to consensus estimates,” Swanson reports.

“Merrill Lynch — which had dropped coverage of the stock — issued a report Tuesday recommending investors buy the shares. In the note, analyst Steve Milunovich predicted sales will jump 18% in fiscal 2004 to $7.3 billion, while EPS will double to 42 cents. ‘We think Apple has gotten its act together in focusing on core markets, building a mature management team, and most important innovating again,’ he wrote,” Swanson reports.

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  2. Who gives a damn what these analysts say. They’re the same ones that said Yahoo stock was a great deal at $150 a share back a few years ago. They have no clue, they’re just jumping on the bandwagon about 8 months too late…

  3. Stupid, ill-informed first post.

    Cancer cure has been available for years, the problem is it’s too cheap for the medical industry to make nice profits out of it:

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    You’re a Mac user, you understand about, quality, longevity, more uptime, a better user experience, don’t you?

  4. Hey healthy bastard, just because you eat good will not prevent you from geeting Alzheimers, ALS, or many forms of cancer. Nor will it stop Mad Cow or others. It can slow it down, but it will not cure it. Don’t be argumentative. The problem is created, and this is a way that people can help to solve it using their free processor time instead of getting on their soapbox about the cost of raising beef and such… I am gald to hear that there are others working on curing cancer, why shut out another avenue of research?

    Oh, and on topic, Apple stock has always been an interesting ride. I am truly hoping to see some big numbers put up by Apple this year. I had to sell my stock but I am thinking of buying again. It has always payed off in positive numbers so far. I average a doubling of my money every time. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Team MacOS X Admin

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