The height of irony: Microsoft executive whines Apple-HP music deal ‘unfair’

“Responding to Hewlett-Packard’s agreement to bundle Apple’s iTunes music store on its computers, a Microsoft official called the move uncompetitive. ‘Windows is about choice – you can mix and match software and music player stuff,’ Dave Fester, general manager of Microsoft’s Windows digital media division, told reporters after last week’s Consumer Electronics Show. ‘We believe you should have the same choice when it comes to music services,'” Stephen Lynch reports for The New York Post.

“Microsoft, of course, spent years in court claiming its own bundling of products was good for consumers. ‘He said what!?’ said Bob Lande, a senior research scholar at the American Antitrust Institute. ‘Apparently his view of competition is that Microsoft is the only one allowed to offer a product.’ Microsoft, however, argues that its digital media standard is supported by a larger number of online music stores, and that Apple’s system is ‘limited,” Lynch reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The only thing Apple’s iTunes/iPod “system” is “limiting” is Microsoft’s ability to lock customers into its proprietary Windows Media Audio DRM scheme. As Lynch writes in the first line of his article, “Turnabout is not fair play – at least according to Microsoft.” Do we take joy in Microsoft’s hypocritical whining, especially at the hands of Apple as they serve MS a strong dose of their own medicine? Hell, yeah!


  1. Seems like Micro$oftopoly is suffering from Clintonitis. Symptoms of acute Clintonitis would include a strong penchant for selective memory, lack of factual accuracy, a desire to win by any means possible, lack of ethics and a strong delusional tendency to believe that laws and rules apply only to others. This condition, if left unchecked can develop into a full-blown case of Nixonitis, which includes all of the above plus paranoia among other symptoms.

  2. NoPCZone:

    I’d agree with you more – and it’d be way more accurate – if you’d referenced Bush in that analogy. Especially the part about laws…. my god!!!!

    All Clinton did was screw an intern and lie about it – Bush has screwed the entire American public, the environment, the United Nations…. and is attempting to screw the whole of the Middle East.

    If you’re gonna use a humorous analogy, make it a pertinent one in future.

  3. btw;

    Microsoft has been and will no doubt continue to be, a large contributor to Republican fund-raising efforts. No doubt as a thank you for Bush letting them off the hook in the anti-trust actions initiated by Clinton’s administration. Think about that…

  4. Clinton is a saint. Waco and Ruby Ridge never happened under his watch. Neither did WhiteWater. Or Vince Foster. Hell, lets just say he was the greatest American president who doesn’t deserve any criticism and get back to talking Macs.

    Bonehead, even Nixon was criticized, so it was a bipartisan slam!

  5. Look seriously people, if you expect anything other than self-interest and hypocrisy from any politicians you are fooling yourselves. It doesn’t matter what your personal politics are, the people you put into office don’t care about you. They just want to look important and line their own pockets. So let’s not go down this road about how much better/worse Bush is than Clinton. It’s like arguing about whether Hitler or Stalin made better scrambled eggs.

  6. I was about to comment on Microsoft’s fear about Apple’s invasion into their kingdom by buddying up to IBM and now HP, but apparently at this point in everyone’s rantings, it appears to be off-topic already.

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