IDC: Apple Macintosh market share under 2% worldwide; under 3% in United States for 2003

“Worldwide, HP achieved a market share of 16.9 percent in the fourth quarter, up 21.7 percent from its market share of 16 percent in the fourth quarter a year ago, according to IDC,” Michael Kanellos reports for CNET “Dell, meanwhile, achieved a worldwide market share in the fourth quarter of 16.3 percent, up 19.7 percent from its market share of 15.6 percent a year ago. Overall, the market grew 15.2 percent, according to IDC. HP and Dell have traded off the lead a number of times since HP completed its merger with Compaq in spring 2002.”

“For the year, though, Dell remained No. 1, hitting a worldwide market share of 16.9 percent, up 25 percent from the overall figure of 2002 of 15.1 percent. HP’s annual market share came in a 16.4 percent worldwide, up 14.5 percent from its share of 16 percent for 2002 as a whole,” Kanellos reports. “In the United States, Dell stayed on top with a 30.2 percent market share for the fourth quarter and a 30.9 percent for the year. HP came in with 21.7 percent share for the quarter and a 20.6 percent for the year in the United States.”

“Third place IBM, meanwhile, which caters almost exclusively to business customers, saw its market share worldwide grow to 6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2003, up 17.7 percent from the fourth quarter of 2002. IBM was also third in the U.S,” Kanellos reports. “Other companies with notable results include eMachines, which jumped into the top five manufacturers in the United States, according to Kay, passing both Gateway and Apple Computer. Toshiba, meanwhile, was in the top five in the United States and worldwide because of notebook sales.”

Kanellos reports, “By contrast, Gateway saw its market share shrink in the fourth quarter, Smulders said. Apple also saw its market share stay below the 2 percent mark worldwide in 2003 and below the 3 percent mark in the United States for the year, Smulders said.”

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  1. “eMachines, which jumped into the top five manufacturers in the United States, according to Kay, passing both Gateway and Apple Computer”

    This makes feel ill. I don’t believe so many people buy that trash! :gag:


  2. At least it’s nice to have Apple compared to other computer makes for a change, instead of being compared to software maker (ie Microsoft). E-machines in the top 5 just goes to show that there is a very large portion of Microsoft’s 95% that Apple shouldn’t want.

  3. Why should Apple care about these numbers? Mac sales were up 12% in fiscal Q1 2004 vs Q1 2003. Plus they have $4.8 Billion in cash on hand. Steve is laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. eMachines. It just proves the “Good Enough” theory. For most people eMachines is “Good Enough.” For most people there is no difference in Macs and eMachines except that eMachines are much cheaper. Everything is like this though. Most people don’t buy BMWs or Mercedes. Most people are just fine with a Buick or Honda Civic.

  5. My eMachines wasn’t “good enough.” It died twice during warranty and getting it repaired was a headache beyond anything you could imagine.

    Then it died again right after the warranty ended.

    I fixed it myself… and it doesn’t matter since I switched to Virtual PC on a PowerBook (solely for doing testing for my Windows clients) and never looked back.

    </emachines rant>

    As for Apple’s market share–they’re making great products for ME which is the main thing I care about. Everyone else… will take some time. As in years.

  6. And I should add that I couldn’t totally fix it.. my eMachines still must be turned off by pulling the plug. And it’s hardware, not software: it shuts down Windows just fine, but if I don’t pull the plug it starts up again.

    I just bought a $2500 PowerBook… but it’s the sub-$1000 eMachines that was overpriced. If I ever had to buy a Wintel machine again, I wouldn’t buy cheap. It’s Russian roulette, and I lost one time too many.

  7. Hmmm. Apple, in a conference call scrutinized by the SEC, says that CPU sales are up 12%. IDC (whoever they are) says Apple market share is in the dumper. I wonder who I should believe?

    Also, the main thrust of the article seemed to be that the big boys chopped prices to achieve the results they did. Apple, however, saw their margin plummet from 27.6% to 26.7%.


  8. This is hilarious drivel. So what. Apple sold 830,000 Macs in one quarter. That’s pretty frickin’ sweet to me, so whatever the Wintel box assemblers are doing doesn’t really affect me at all. Let them eat cake.

  9. It didn’t mention that Apple had one of the best profit margin … if you look at Dell, HP and eMachine there profit margin is below 10%. Keep your market share but hope that less than 10% is going to float the boat.

  10. Surely Apple could do with more switchers. I hope Apple Store employees are listening closely to potential switchers to find out more about what they’re really looking for in a computer.

  11. People should compare Apples Market share to that off companies like Gateway,HP and Dell. The fight for supremisy over Microsoft Windows was long lost, Compared to Gateway Apple is doing great. I think they are even infront on sales.

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