Listen to your home Mac’s iTunes while at work with free TunesAtWork

TunesAtWork lets you listen to your personal iTunes music collection while at your office or lab, even though your iTunes collection resides at home.

TunesAtWork is a specialized web server that runs on your home Macintosh and serves web pages that present your music collection (including playlists) organized visually much the same as in iTunes itself. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Clicking the various links in the web page will cause MP3 files to be streamed from your home Mac to the computer where your browser is running. As long as that computer (where the browser is running) has a helper application that can play streamed MP3 files (e.g., WinAmp on Windows, MacAmp or iTunes itself on Macintosh), you will hear your music on that computer.

TunesAtWork is free. It requires a Mac, OS X, iTunes 4, and a high-speed internet connection. More info and download link here.


  1. Nice. Really nice..
    Darn it would be nice to have a iHomeServer like that iBox thing that does not exist. Even the idea of it keeps me awake every night.
    iLife Server I can’t live without it! Steeveee!

    No MDN=No News

  2. I still use iTunes 4.0, which allows me to connect to my “stash” from anywhere on the ‘net. I also keep a zipped copy of iTunes 4.0 stashed on my webserver, should I ever find myself on a mac using a version greater that 4.0, and I want to connect to my music.

    I still have not found a reason to go forth, and use iTunes 4.1 or 4.2.
    The sharing feature in iTunes 4.0 was one of the best things in iTunes, and it broke my heart when Apple disabled it after groups like RIAA were grumbling (they didn’t disable the rendezvous/same subnet sharing, and in colleges and schools that is, IMO, more of a piracy issue than on the ‘net, since shared iTunes were not “discoverable” over the ‘net, you had to know the IP. Frankly, they should not have disabled the sharing, they should have limited it to one connection at a time.

    Bring back daap:// !!!

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