Computerworld: Power Mac G5 ‘will pretty much hand every other computer its proverbial hat’

“It’s clear from two weeks of testing that Apple’s new Power Mac G5 dual 2-GHz machine is the fastest thing the company has ever produced. And while you can debate benchmarks until eternity, it certainly appears poised to meet or beat anything now out on the Windows side,” Ken Mingis writes for Computerworld.

“Of course, given its 64-bit G5 processors, fast frontside bus, 2GB of SDRAM and top-of-the-line (at least from Apple) ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card, it should. Apple, since the G5’s introduction in June, has touted the new chip’s processing power in numerous comparisons with Pentium 4 machines, and rightfully so. It’ll pretty much hand every other computer its proverbial hat and keep on crunching data without breaking a sweat,” Mingis writes.

“The obvious conclusion: The Power Mac G5 is a stellar machine for anyone who will be using it for serious processing work. If you’re simply surfing the Web and editing the occasional digital picture, it’s overkill, of course. One of the single-processor G5s or even a Dual G4, which Apple still sells, is more than enough for those tasks,” Mingis writes.

[MacDailyNews Note: So is a G3 in an iBook, Ken.]

Good article, with an apology at the end (you’ll have to read it) here.


  1. no surprise, the dual G5 is the computer to beat! cant wait untill that day when the lowest powermac will be this machine or equivalent., unless they ever come out with a g5 cube!

  2. What? I thought the G5 controversy was over, not even Steve Jobs uses G5s when speed matters like at Pixar, anyway it doesn’t matter anymore since the new G5 computers have so many crashes people are returning them in rows.

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