Napster 2.0 beta launch coming Oct. 9th; Apple mum on iTunes for Windows debut

“Napster, the pioneering song-swap service that was shut down for copyright infringement, is coming back next week to face the music as a paid site in a vastly changed online music arena,” Sue Zeidler reports for Reuters. “Digital media company Roxio Inc., which bought Napster for $5 million last year, plans an Oct. 9 test launch for a new, legal version of the service called Napster 2.0, according to Napster spokesman Seth Oster.”

Oster said Roxio will release full details of the service along with the official launch date for Napster 2.0 at the service’s “beta,” or test, launch event in New York City, next Thursday, October 9th. “A major recording artist will be featured at the event,’ Zeidler reports. “In the past Roxio had said Napster 2.0 would launch by Christmas, but sources familiar with the matter said the new Web site will be online and running no later than November.”

“Oster said Napster was confident it will be the strongest music service available by matching brand awareness with a superior product offering. This past summer, Napster said it would be the only music Web site to offer consumers a choice between an a la carte download model or a premium subscription service. Napster also will debut with a catalog of more than 500,000 songs, more than any other service to date,” Zeidler reports. Full article here.

At Apple Computer, the song remains the same wink regarding iTunes for Windows, “before the end of the year.”


  1. It is better to do it right the first time, than ruin all your hard work and be a half cooked and incomplete for the user. It’s a dumb website.

    If Apple can do the same thing as what they did for the Mac version, there is going to be alot of Windows people saying…..I wish all Windows software ran so nicely. Apple has a lot more than just a successful launch here. Apple will be able to get Quicktime installed on a larger user base, get the eyes and ears of a bunch of willing to listen Windows users, and build a trust with these people.

    If Apple blows this because they hurried, they will ruin a once in a lifetime chance of credibility. Patience.

  2. Roxio has a lot of gall (re-)using the Napster name.

    I don’t care if they bought the assets, and own the name.
    It’s just wrong.

    Napster has a lot of fond memories for lots of people.
    What Roxio will name “Napster 2.0” has nothing to do with that software, or that experience. It will merely taint those fond memories.

    They should call it something else. Not Napster.

  3. Regrettably, it’s exactly that name recognition the Roxio folks are hoping to capitalize to recapture many of those (maybe not you, RN) who remember how easily Napster 1.0 worked… can only hope that iTMS for Windows is what Jim says – a cut above all the rest – however, there is SUCH a fine line there – Hopefully, Apple will be able to position the iTMS-W release so that it, too, gets the much-needed press boost, without having waited too long for the others to get firmly rooted…

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