iPod is key to Apple’s dominance of online digital music market

Robyn Weisman has posted part two of her report on Apple Computer for E-Commerce Times. The article is titled, “Apple’s War for the Windows Mainstream” The first part, ” “Apple’s New Bid for Insane Greatness,” focused on the iTunes Music Store’s (iTMS) potential in the digital music marketplace. Weisman asks, “[Will] iPod remain king of the digital music hill?”

Weisman looks at AAC vs. WMA and iPod price and Apple innovation and concludes that the iPod is the key to Apple dominating this nascent market. “The key to continued progress is keeping the iPod engine chugging forward at a steady pace. If Apple can accomplish that goal, it may find itself in an insanely great position,” Weisman writes.

Full article here.

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  1. To say just one company will “dominate” the online digital music market is silly.

    Does everybody drive the same brand of car? Does everybody work on the same brand of laptop computer? Does everybody use the same brand of toaster? Does everybody drink the same brand coffee?

    In the end, the people will decide what device fits into their lifestyle the best and go with that brand. Period.

  2. I agree. What is this obsesion with dominating markets? Arnt these journalists and anylists capable of forseeing a market in which different companies and products co-exist, side by side?

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