Most innovative? Microsoft, Dell place ahead of Apple in new survey

A new survey by strategic consulting and research firm Cheskin and Fitch:Worldwide, an international brand and design firm has been released. The study surveyed over 500 senior business executives across the U.S. in a wide range of industry sectors, asking them in-depth questions on their companies’ innovation practices, including specific approaches, level of authority and leadership, spending trends, success metrics and the influence of major industry trends. The study’s top findings include:

“Microsoft was cited most frequently as one of today’s most innovative companies (137 mentions) in unaided open-ended responses, followed by Dell (47 mentions), Apple (40 mentions). The only non-tech companies to make it on the Top 10 List are Wal-Mart (38 mentions) and Daimler Chrysler (21 mentions).”

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  1. MicroSoft and Dell couldn’t spell innovation, let alone actually do any innovating. This just goes to show blinded some people have become as to what goes on around them.

  2. Given Windows market penetration the findings are not surprising – with over 90% of the worlds computer users using Windows what do you expect? The surprise is that Apple scores so highly when clearly most people have absolutely no experience of it and its products.

  3. They surveyed “500 senior business executives”. What do they know about innovation? Most probably think Microsoft is the only company that makes an OS and that Apple is just another clone maker. Many people think this way.

  4. NO WONDER OUR ECONOMY IS IN TROUBLE! These are the opinions of senior execs? Wal-Mart? Their only innovation is to use Standard Oil tactics to grow and crush everything in their way. Dell & MS, I won’t EVEN go there.

  5. It’s not surprising that people believe such bullslop when sources such as a recent BBC news bulletin descirbed Microsoft as “The world’s largest computer manufacturer”!

  6. senior execs are usually the dumbest at a company. Absolutely clueless and out of touch, they should have asked the peeps who really run the companies, like peeps in operations and lower end management who are actually in the trenches.

  7. I could not find (on a quick glance through of the report) who funded the study. This is very, very important as the funders often indirectly (and sometimes directly) end up influencing how the questions are worded, what order they are asked, and how they are presented.

    Anyone know who funded the study?

  8. To answer my own question, IBM are at #5 with 31 votes. So Dell innovate more than IBM, according to these people. Well, at least I now know why we’re not all living on the Moon yet, like the people 20 years ago thought we would be doing by now.

    Dell innovation. That’s funny.

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