Jimmy Buffett to release two live albums exclusively at Apple’s iTunes Music Store

Jimmy Buffett will be releasing two live albums exclusively at Apple’s iTunes Music Store for a month before they will be available in brick and mortar record stores:

“We are happy to announce that Jimmy Buffett will be releasing “Live in Auburn, WA” and “Live in Las Vegas!” Both releases will be available exclusively at Apple’s iTunes Music Store beginning September 30th. The live CD’s will also be available October 28th at your favorite record store, or here online.”

More info here.


  1. This is it!

    It’s not audio format, a penny here or there, Apple or Microsoft name, but it will be who can DELIVER! Music fans don’t care about any of the other things.

    The BEST music store will be the one that has what you want when you need it, and that will be the one to survive. Let’s hope that Apple’s wooing of the music industry by catering to their specific needs has made some fans that will want to use them as their primary source of digital distribution.

  2. <<Oh Yeah–Apple computer doesnt do what Apple records does—>>

    You’re right they don’t. Apple computer actually SELLS music, Apple records hasn’t done that now for about a quarter of a century…

  3. Just think about all the revenue Jimmy Buffet is loosing out on because of this move. Bet his record company is marking down the calendar days with a big fat thick red Sharpie pin. Looks like someone blew out their flipflop on this on.

    “Only 29 more to go Jimmy! Hang in there buddy.”

  4. Just watch. When iTMS launches for Windows, it’ll also be offfering Indy label music for both platforms. That’s where Apple will slay the competition. Their library will be far more diverse.

  5. awwwww lil mac users crying fall–big bad defunct record company expects genius steve jobs to live up to his agreements like a good little ceo lolol. People love to be duped. throngs of microsoft fans were angry at Clinton and the justice department when they tried to something about the worst news to competition and innovation in decades–bill gates and microsoft. compute companies are the aluminum siding companies of the 21st century .

  6. Ignore Lisa, “she” is a troll. She never responded to other people’s arguments and repeated the same trash over and over in another thread. She is doing it here again. LOLOL

  7. ignore comes from the greek meaning idiot. I suppose sticking your head in the sand is better for the rest of the planet
    than the incessant whining and crying from Mac users about
    everyone picking on poor Apple. You know for years genius Steve Jobs–the brains behind the color schemes and titanium paint–argued that people dont want or need faster computers. reality? better just ignore it and maybe in time it will go away.

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