MusicMatch launches iTunes-like online music store

MusicMatch today launched its own online music store. MusicMatch offers “200,000 songs” priced at 99-cents each, a similar amount to Apple’s iTunes Music Store catalog at the time of Apple’s launch. MusicMatch is currently available to the U.S. The company promises to make 500,000 tracks available by the end of the year, according to Macworld UK.

Downloads are available as 160Kbs Windows Media 9 files. Reportedly, Dell will use a re-branded version of the MusicMatch online music store along with the Dell Digital Jukebox (DJ) music player in an attempt to approximate Apple’s integrated iTMS/iPod approach.

“MusicMatch CEO Dennis Mudd calls his 99-cents-a-song service a ‘breakthrough,’ because he acquired liberal usage rules similar to those in Apple’s acclaimed iTunes Music Store: Buyers can burn songs and transfer them to portable devices as often as they want. Apple’s service, introduced in April, has sold more than 10 million tracks to date. But it’s available only to Macintosh users


  1. Hmmm…

    99 cents a song
    $9.99 an album
    Only available in the US?

    Sounds familiar.

    Also, if you sign up now, you can win on of 99 Rio’s.

    On their main page, they state “Get the world’s best music player” Are they implying that the Rio is better than iPod?

  2. The interface is a complete rip-off. Surely there must be some IP law that protects this stuff.

    This industry practice where Dell move in after someone’s created a market is absolutely killing innovation. Not just as Mac users, but as anyone who enjoys progression in electronics must start convincing people to stop purchasing Dell. They’re greedy scabs that encite companies to stop innovating just so they can keep up with Dell’s murderously efficient assembly process and B2C ordering system. When the fat’s gone from the industry, there will be no money left for R&D. No competition.

    Support innovation. Support HP. Support Sony. Support Mac. Wal-mart and Dell are coporate cancers that need abating.

  3. So did they copy Apple’s FairPlay rights model or not?

    Instantly Download Tracks & Albums Quickly buy entire albums or purchase just a few select tracks. Hear a track on Musicmatch Radio you’d like to buy? No problem. Download songs as you listen. Then enjoy crystal-clear, CD-quality music anytime, anywhere. Add tracks to your Music Library, burn them to CDs, download them to portable players, and you’re ready to go!

    But not transfer songs to up to 3 authorized pcs, let alone the ability to deauthorize a computer? And can you burn unlimited CDs of the same playlist? Intelligent music lovers want to know!

  4. One reason Apple can still win if they hurry up…

    From USA Today:
    “The downloads are in the Windows Media format, which can be played on most modern digital portables but is not compatible with the most popular unit — Apple’s own iPod. “


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