Massachusetts to adopt strategy to move from Windows to ‘open standards’ systems

“Massachusetts, the lone holdout state still suing Microsoft Corp. for antitrust violations, will become the first state to adopt a broad-based strategy of moving its computer systems toward open standards, including Linux, the rival operating system to Microsoft’s Windows,” Justin Pope reports for The Associated Press.

Hey, Justin, Linux is “a,” not “the,” rival operating system to Windows. Sheesh. No respect.

“Kriss said the state’s decision was driven by a desire to reduce licensing fees but also ‘by a philosophy that what the state has is a public good and should be open to all,’ Kriss told The Associated Press. He characterized the decision as the ‘most visible concrete action by a state government’ to move toward open standards. A Microsoft spokesman had no immediate comment,” Pope reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs should hop aboard the Gulfstream, forget about partisan politics during the filght, and take Massachusetts’ Republican Governor Mitt Romney out to lunch ASAP.


  1. Okay. Then go straight to Maine after lunch with the Mass. Governor and build upon the statewide iBook in schools program to move the gov’t to Mac OS X as well. 2 down, 48 to go!

  2. “Hey, Justin, Linux is “a,” not “the,” rival operating system to Windows.”

    Actually Linux is NOT an operating system at all. It is a kernel, nothing more.

  3. Actually Linux is NOT an operating system at all. It is a kernel, nothing more

    Actually “Linux” is often used as a pars-pro-toto metaphore to refer to an operating system.

  4. At least we know there is nothing MS can do win over this state like they tried to do with Munich. They are totally against them and its good to see this in the US, not everybody is blind and ignorant. Somebody is willing to take a stand where few others will.

  5. Kermit, for the record: Mac OS X is called… OS X and its kernel is Mach
    GNU system is called… Linux and its kernerl is.. Linux

    See my point? We call it OS X, not Mach.

  6. Atomic Bomb wrote:

    “You’re joking, right? “

    I am serious… as long as they’re not running Windows, who cares what else they run. It would be nice if they chose Mac and be done with it, but I don’t see that happening. I support any of the *nix camps out there (including our domain).

    I hope that Sun’s Java Desktop strategy hits Microsoft where it hurts!

  7. Atomic,

    I’ll camp with Dude here. As you escape Windows grip and get into any *nix soon or later I’ll bet OS X will be the next destination. It only takes for Windows users open their eyes enough to see there is something better than Windows.

  8. This is welcome news since the business lineage of Romney and his “business” back ground. Most business folk have their nose stuck so far up Bill Gate’s buttox, Mr. Geer appears to be able use a calculator and see what all those per seat licenses cost.

    Perhaps Mass can innovate not assimulate…..and by the way, does Microsoft even know what innovate means. They really look stupid using “innovate” with the word “Microsoft” in the same sentence.

    Those ads Microsoft has….we see you having more customers and using Microsoft products helping you grow. No, Microsoft sees more employees and more license fees…that is their defination of partnership…long term marriage with buggy and swiss cheese software.

    And that dumb guy to consolidates some domains…..the money he is saving is licensing fees to Microsoft!!! Isn’t that the anti-ad….hey pay me more money to help be less dependant on us……Well not really, we just have some more buggy insecure products to sell you……

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