Watch out Apple: Dell to debut new ‘Dell DJ’ iPod-like player, new Dell Music Store

The Dell Digital Jukebox (DJ) is an MP3 player that will try to challenge Apple’s market leading iPod. The Dell Music Store is the other half of Dell’s new music thrust, designed to compete with Apple Computer’s forthcoming iTunes for Windows music downloading service. The Dell Music Store reportedly doesn’t work with Macs, it’ll be Windows-only, but it will work with PCs and music players other than Dell’s. The Dell DJ and Dell Music Store are expected to debut in late October.

Dell is providing few details about either offering according to USA Today. “The music store ‘will cover most major labels and artists,’ says chief marketing officer Mike George. It will work with Microsoft’s Windows


  1. Funny who the other services blast Apple for being exclusive…when they KNOW Apple is going to release a PC version soon. Then they release something that is EXCLUSIVE to Windows users and don’t think that’s odd at all.

  2. At what point does this come as a surprise…Whenever Apple makes something that works (or makes something that has been ignored mainstream), Dell copies it almost to the letter. Not saying it won’t work or might not be good, just getting bored with the follow the Apple leadership. Just hope Apple can get its version to Windows before all the great work is overshadowed by the shear volume that Dell can push. they won’t make the same mistakes that buymusic did, they have been watching the results too long. Cmon Apple!!! Get your ass in gear or they are going to steal your deserved thunder!
    Be Well

  3. Yes, Apple should watch out. Big time. This isn’t some little company like Creative or some loser like Dell can be the bull in the china shop here. Jobs better get his ass is gear on international and iTMS for Windows ASAP!

  4. Ah yes, Michael Dell is out “innovating” again. Oops, too bad Steve Jobs beat him to the punch again with iTMS by almost 6 months and the iPod by almost 2 years. Here’s hoping for their sake at least that their “DJ” is a bit more reliable than their bug ridden Axim handhelds have been.

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