Apple needs to dispel some myths before Mac market share will boom

Apple’s Power Mac G5 is “a true speed demon,” a very powerful personal computer, writes James Maguire for NewsFactor Network. But, Maguire writes, Apple needs to dispel three myths in order to reach beyond their core audience and increase market share with their new G5 machines.

Myth #1: “Apple does not have a sufficiently large library of software.”
Myth #2: Macs “are not price competitive” with Windows PCs.
Myth #3: “Macintosh users must deal with a blizzard of proprietary technology.”

All three are outdated myths that persist in the general public’s eyes. And it’s going to take a lot of education from Apple to dispel these myths and generate higher market share.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why Apple doesn’t blow these myths away with simple TV ads (and instead delivers one of its worst TV ads in memory with the pedestrian Power Mac G5 ad that they’re currently running) is beyond us. And we meet people routinely who believe one, two, or all of these falsehoods and discount the Mac option because of them. Why can’t Apple marketing fix this problem? We already know that a Power Mac G5 can blast a guy through his house and into a tree. Now take some of that money and run some ads that mean something.


  1. Ary: are you the new messiah?

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I just read comments from PC users on various sites: they are amazing how clueless, ignorant, arrogant, stupid, foolish they are about all concerns computing. The biggest of all is when they brag about WIndows *inherent* security. Nothing shakes then: hearing them Windows is great and if OS X or Linux was at *their* place they would crumble under viral attacks. Windows is great in that it resists against overwhelming forces. Others would just succomb. We should all be grateful Windows is there.

    Now, can human stupidity reach infinity? Apparently if you boot daily on Windows it is more than a possibility. I am flabbergasted from what I have read. I mean, could truly only the idiots be running Windows? Is idiocy and ignorance that common among Windows users?

    A speechless Seahawk

  2. what I wanted to say is that there are not myths to dispel when there is object in the awareness of the generall public that these myths could be attached too.

    Aryugaetu: wow! Don’t drive or operate dangerous equipment for the next 24 hours or so.

  3. Why doesnt someone send apple an e-mail with all of this and they should advertise the 1100 cluster on tv also proving that they are used in the realy world wich is what alot of my friends think there not. just an idea but someone really should take this to apple

  4. I encountered this the other day at work. A co-worker, who is neither stupid or ignorant, told me he was a friend’s house and he had one of those “Macs with a white dome.” He thought it was really cool looking. Then he said he would like to have one but can’t because he needs a computer that runs Word. When I showed him Word on my TiBook he was really surprised.
    I think the real problem is that you average consumer does not make a distinction between MS Office and Windows. They think it is the same thing…and its called Windows. Only Mac people refer to it as Office. So their logic is if a Mac can’t run Windows, then it can’t run Word. Don’t even try to explain to them that a Mac can acutually run Windows too.

  5. the problem is people do not know what is a mac
    you can see PC in every supermarket .. and Apple in an Apple store that looks luxurious .. some people are even afraid to step in [exegarated a little bit i know]
    i know Apple’s market is not the 400$ computer … but a lot of the people do not need anything else because they use a PC as a typwriter that connects to internet and is capable of running the newest virus so you they can invite their cousin they don’t see often to fix their computer.
    and the compatibility issue .. that is very common .. most people don’t understand technology .. do not know anything about standards or protocols .. have no clue ..
    and a lot of them have kids that want to play games on this typewriter.

    the other problem … you can get most of the software for a wintendo [good word ! leander] for FREE [at least as a private person in most parts of Europe .. at least i didn’t hear about any prosecution of private persons]… and that is a price even the most usable, intuitive compatible software/hardware solution cannot beat ! .. simple as that
    i am waiting for panther and the new mac office if it has better support for Central European languages .. and then i’ll start switching people.
    [my father is next with a 15″PB ]

  6. How could anyone think the Mac can’t surf the internet when the whole ad campaign behind the original 233MHz iMac was easy internet access. Those ads were everywhere in 1997-98.

  7. Only one of those myths is accurate. That is the price difference. Apple needs a $1000 headless non-crippled G5-based machine if it wants to increase market share. Maybe based on the 1.6ghz with an ATA drive instead of SATA. The 1.6 is currently way overpriced. Make the PowerMacs dual processor only and have a consumer line that have only one processor in them and ATA instead of SATA.

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