‘Like no other’ knock-off Apple site surfaces online

Does this look familiar to anyone?

Note Apple.com’s current design preceded the site above.

Wow. And “Like no other” is their trademarked slogan, no less! Is this a joke?

[Attribution: O’Grady’s PowerPage]


  1. This can’t be for real. When you call the toll free order #, you get forwarded like 3 times and end up with a generic voice mail system. Not to mention that many of the technologies they claim for their systems either don’t exist, or are totally wacked out. A 3.8GHz P4?? Yeah, only if you overclock the holy hell out of it. This site and company is either a parody or an elaborate hoax, one or the other…

  2. That Disclamer would better say:

    “Mac users only: Do not enter this site. It is not four you, Mac fan. Yes, there are some errors in the main navigation bar, but they are intentional so that you do not see our lies on benchmarks of the G5 or to asume the errors are caused by lack of standars”

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  3. Hywel that Finder icon is actually a custom Virtual PC icon created by Hein Mevissen. It’s part of his “Application Icons” set.

    They’ve ripped two people at once with that graphic. Good times!

    PS- This new caching system SUCKS!!! It keeps alternating my user name in the name field. Please correct this as it is highly annoying. We’ve already had someone else accidently post with my user name in another thread…

  4. rageous,

    We are working on the issue. We are working to improve the performance of the site, as traffic is growing. The “remember me bug” in Reader Feedback is an unintended side effect of the caching scheme. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the site’s responsiveness.

  5. My friend at Cinerama, Inc. – the owners of the films and technology isn’t too happy about the use of their name “Cinerama Displays”. The original Cinerama used three cameras and three projectors to produce a 3 panel wide-screen 146 degree view for the audience on a deeply curved screen. As a matter of fact “How The West Was Won” recently played at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood using the original process. I’m sure a letter will be going out to cease and desist using the name “Cinerama”.

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