Bloor Research: A nascent trend from Windows to Mac underway?

“I’m not sure if I’m witnessing a trend, but quite a few people I know have recently made the move from Windows PCs to Apple PCs. I intend to do the same the next time I change kit, but I’m slightly different in that I’ve never owned an Apple. All the people I’m talking about here have been Apple users, and are now moving back as a consequence of simply noting that Apple seems to be a revitalised company, OS X looks very impressive and the office apps on Apple are no longer a problem,” writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research for

“This trend, if it is one, is not yet visible in Apple revenues, but I’ve decided to keep track of them to see. Apple continues to innovate. Its most recent announcement is Blue Tooth enabled keyboard and mouse. It led with wireless LANs and WIFI and now it is first to the market with Blue Tooth enabled devices. If anything Apple is actually more innovative than it used to be and it rarely makes product blunders (as for example, the Apple Newton),” Bloor writes.

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  1. Mitch, more than where do you live the questions would be what field do you work in.

    In the scientific and academic field the trend is more than evident. Many dual-booting PC professionals (Linux+Windows) are more and mroe considering the OS X unique solution. Physics theorists are flocking now that MatLab and Mathematica run on OS X. Scientific users which do run scientific applications (most of them from Unix world) rave about cutting and paste the later plot on their paper or slide without having to either translate formats or reboot.

    To make an example, ROOT, a product developed at CERN to run data analysis in multiple fields is even sported on fink. Event display (Atlantis, IGUANA, etc) run now on OS X and – thanks to the quartz-extreme feature better then the corresponding Linux version. Again, little by litlle OS X is making heads turn. And turn wildly.

    Even today we were 9 with a PB out of a total of 20 laptops around (almost clean 50%). Never have seen that before. Oh yes, the chairman had a 15″ PB which run the slides of all presenters. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Oh yes, this is the greatest: a whole experiment at CERN is running on OS X platform as well (Alice LHC experiment). The other major (CMS) has bought G4 dual desktops as developer platforms and will get G5s.
    True interest of OS X is revealed by the fact that effort is spent in order to have the software compile and run on OS X as well.

    Labs in the US (National Labs like Livermore and Berkeley) support OS X as standard platform. Many colleagues from these institutions show up with a brand new laptop now and then. It now happens frequently that the next new laptop if a Apple PB.

  3. …and mitch, if the reason why people chooses Wintel PC is because of Mac lack of compatibility, well, not only they are getting older, they have actually lost their mind.

    Now Apple is not only as compatible office production tools wise as ever, It is also compatible with Unix/Linux applications. Most of the times you just need to modify the makefile and compile/link run (natively).

    Absolutely impossible on a Windows PC.

  4. Another thing affecting the switch is lack of IT. In the old days, many companies had IT departments who decided what computers everyone in the company would use. These days, with layoffs, cutbacks and such, many companies allow their employees to decide what computer they want to use. Many users, given the choice, will choose a Mac over PC.

    It always amazed me the way companies (and schools) allow a small group of people to decide what everyone will use.

  5. seahawk, incompatability was their reason. I think they are wrong about that. Unfortunately that idea has got into their head as the result of urban legend and lack of effective mac advertising.

  6. I think the second part of what I said is important: Apple does not seem capable of a good marketing plan. I think the incorrect assumptions about Macs could easily be dispelled by a campaign that is broader and focusses on those myths, unlike the glamorous TV ads featuring movie stars.

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