Bloor Research: A nascent trend from Windows to Mac underway?

“I’m not sure if I’m witnessing a trend, but quite a few people I know have recently made the move from Windows PCs to Apple PCs. I intend to do the same the next time I change kit, but I’m slightly different in that I’ve never owned an Apple. All the people I’m talking about here have been Apple users, and are now moving back as a consequence of simply noting that Apple seems to be a revitalised company, OS X looks very impressive and the office apps on Apple are no longer a problem,” writes Robin Bloor of Bloor Research for

“This trend, if it is one, is not yet visible in Apple revenues, but I’ve decided to keep track of them to see. Apple continues to innovate. Its most recent announcement is Blue Tooth enabled keyboard and mouse. It led with wireless LANs and WIFI and now it is first to the market with Blue Tooth enabled devices. If anything Apple is actually more innovative than it used to be and it rarely makes product blunders (as for example, the Apple Newton),” Bloor writes.

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  1. YUP… I’ve switched 4 folks and 1 school so far to Macs. I of course would rather not see Macs as the majority platform, but if we increase our installed base from 10% to 20% of the computing population, then that would be great.

  2. I think the trend is real, but am not sure it has staying power. In my circle of friends 5 have bought mac’s, two use them all the time, 2 love the macs, but are being drawn back into the windows world – saying they love the computers but the programs they want (Games) are not avaiable and their offices are still very windows centric.

    The final one has just started to use the Mac, so no telling where he will fall. Only 1 of the five had owned a Mac prior to their “switch.”

    Interestingly even the two that are moving back to windows, they say they love the Mac and wish they could use it exclusivly.

  3. All I can say is if you want a real gaming machine, buy a PlayStation 2. If you want a real computer, buy a Mac. Windows is a cheap bug ridden knock off that doesn’t do either one of those 2 things really well…

  4. Danny Paul …
    PS2 is great for gaming indeed .. i have one as well as i have a mac
    .. but i am the exception …
    why ?
    you cannot pirate games easily on a PS2 .. you can on a wintel ! ..
    .. at least here in Slovakia .. in USA it might be different ..
    in Slovakia .. and most Central European countries .. everybody uses Windows .. because it is virtually for FREE ! .. and the games are for FREE as well [only companies use legit stuff]

    i do not know one private person who has bought a windows license [except when it comes with hardware] .. the price argument is very hard to beat especially when you can get a PC for 500$ or less sometimes … and nobody cares about viruses so much .. because not many are conected to the internet anyway …

  5. I actually see the trend going the other way. Mendocino County California used to be as counterculture as you can get, and Apples were as common as wintels. I know of no one who has switched, and several individuals who have gone the other way, 2 private schools who upgraded from powerpcs to wintels and (most surprising to me) the local muckraking rag and ponytailed marijuana attorney both changed from g4’s to (o my god) DELLS. I know of two people, computer newbies, that are shopping for wintels, and wont consider macs because of “incompatability”. I really dont know what happened. It used to be that Bills stuff was establishment, and Steve’s was a blow against the empire, but no more. Maybe we are just getting older.

  6. Mr Bloor may not have noticed the revenues going up yet, but how many people who were previously Mac users have been holding off for the G5 before making the jump? If you knew about the platform, you knew it was coming, and now it’s here.

    All I know is that Apple computers are popping up all over the place these days. Maybe it’s the increased visibility of more laptops being sold, but if I’m noticing that there are more Macs, others must be too, they are more likely to buy a Mac if they see others using them. Maybe 10% isn’t that unreasonable after all.

  7. The trend is real. 11 colleagues have switched already and I cannot but notice than now at meetings and such Apple PB is actually the MOST common brand-wise and at times close to some 40% of all laptops in the room.

    As single brand it clearly is the one owned the most (if you do not count all PS brands as ONE brand)

  8. Apple has somplete Bluetooth-enabled systems with the COMPUTER and keyboard and mouse all BT–they were the first in that. MS and others have made partial solutions requiring a dongle.

  9. Apple has somplete Bluetooth-enabled systems with the COMPUTER and keyboard and mouse all BT–they were the first in that. MS and others have made partial solutions requiring a dongle.

  10. Going back to the original point, I think that if Apple were to get 10 to 20% of computer users, it would do wonders to the bottom line of the company. However, you have to ask yourself, is there a point where you don’t want anymore growth?

    I mean if we were to assume that in 50 years Apple would have the majority of users, would that be good news? Or would it bring plenty of headaches? I certainly don’t like Microsoft, but I think some of the things that go wrong over on the dark side are because of their size….Apple is an efficient company that is quick to move and innovate and change with the times, but with a really really big company, the same can’t be said………

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