New York Times: Apple helping to change structure of music industry with iTunes Music Store

“Though no one can predict precisely how the music industry will evolve, many experts agree that a change in industry structure seems inevitable,” reports Lisa Napoli for The New York Times.

“‘Whatever the industry is going to be, it has to take a different form,” said Christopher Waterman, dean of the school of arts and architecture at the University of California at Los Angeles, and Professor Starr’s co-author. ‘This is raising basic questions about property. Music has been turned into information, and once it is physically pulled away, not embedded in any material object, you’re in a whole new world,'” Napoli reports.

“A glimpse of the industry’s future might be seen in the early success of iTunes Music Store, the online service that Apple Computer introduced in April, Professor Schoenherr said. ‘If they continue to innovate,’ he said, ‘they could make stars on their own,'” Napoli reports.

Full article here.


  1. iTunes Music Store is the best thing to come along since Macs. I hope the Windows version is as easy to use. This is something that has been sorely needed since file tradings inception. A buck a song is well worth it to me.

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