Can you have the full Macintosh experience without .Mac?

“Apple wants everyone with a Mac to have .Mac. So about a year ago, it made subscribing to its Macintosh-based suite of Internet services amazingly affordable,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata writes for The Pioneer Press. “In fact, once users took advantage of Apple’s limited-time half-price offer and cashed in its digital-photo print credits, they got their $100 accounts essentially at no cost for a year.”

Ojeda-Zapata writes, “That was an incredible deal considering all the goodies that came with a .Mac account at the time


  1. If I were to buy everquest from the store it would cost 49.95. Since I plan on buying that game anyway I’m actually only going to have to pay 50 bucks for .mac. 50 bucks will not kill me (nor will a hundred). I don’t use all of the features, but the backup software is decent, the .mac mail address isn’t too shabby and the homepage is very intuitive and easy to use. I can’t imagine complaining about 100 bucks.
    As I plan on buying a new laptop this year I look forward to being able to synch all my calendars, bookmarks etc. without hassles.

  2. Time… .mac saves me time that is easily worth $100/yr. It is great for people like me who don’t need a ton of space or have the expertise to fully utilize other services. I loathe changing my email address. I have only changed twice in 9 years and don’t want to go through that again.

  3. I won’t be renewing … At an asking price of $189.00 Australian for a service, that if you only use email and basic iSync, is outrageously priced.

    If Apple launched a .Mac service that you selected what services you wanted, and paid for just those sercices (ie. email only), I would be interested.

    But in its current form, the .Mac service is not attractive.

  4. I have used Backup, and it has come in useful. But now I have an iPod (30GB) and find it quicker and more convenient to use this for my important data.

    FYI, Backup 2.0 adds support for iPods and FW HDs.

  5. Thanks Fester. Yeah, I know that the beta Backup has added support for external and iPods as a destination. To me it seems that this should have been part of Backup from the beginning. Why has Apple decided to add this functionality only now? Simple. There are plenty of shareware/freeware apps arriving weekly allowing this functionality. So they [Apple] had to add the feature.

  6. .mac blows! I had it from the start and just don’t see it’s worth and am quite upset that there are no other ways to use back-up and isync etc. I host many sites on my own that simply need more bandwidth than .mac provides so it really is quite worthless to me.
    I do feel if you are going to use all of it’s services than it might be something you might want to look into to. I am simply not happy that Apple has made various softwares tied so tightly to it’s payed service. Can’t help but be reminded of a certain company bundling there browser with there OS…..
    I just don’t want to be oversold when I want some of the services like back-up etc when I pay $129.00 for each damn upgrade… and here comes another…
    I was around for beta OSX and at some point enough is enough……

  7. Check your email! You might have “auto-renewal” with .Mac. Apple let me know that, for my convenience, my account would automatically renew. Yippee!! I don’t have to think about it or worry (sarcasm is dripping here..)

    Anyway.. I guess I will renew. I like Backup, free games, HomePage, etc. Virex is unneccessary. I wish they would provide a hard drive defragment utility instead.

    What I really wish is that they would add 100MB of disk space for each renewer. What would that cost them? Almost nothing. I can’t afford the 70$ or so they want to charge for another 100MB. My HomePage is full and now I am faced with trying to “roll my own”, or pay $170/year for a 200MB .Mac account. Why would Steve put in a position where I am looking for alternatives?

  8. >I won’t be renewing … At an asking price of $189.00 Australian for a service, that if you only use email and basic iSync, is outrageously priced.

    Think about what you just said. I disagree. At 189.00 Australian if you only use email and basic iSync then it is not over priced, it is not the service for you. Would you buy a Volvo to haul hay?

  9. A few years ago, I-Disk made avaiable for downloading some neat soundtrack freebies. To cut to the chase, my computer crashed and I lost all of mine. Could anyone help me by emailing, at least, a few of the sound tracks in the celtic/intro to news categories?
    Thanks so much.

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